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How to buy an apartment in Togliatti

Apartment in Togliatti

Acquisition of own housing is considered one of the most important events. Therefore, the purchase should be treated very carefully and competently.

In Togliatti, a huge selection of apartments for sale.

Search for your future apartment can be both independently and consult a real estate agency.

You will need

  • - A document certifying lichnost-
  • - Money to buy apartments-
  • - Money to pay for the real estate agency services.



When you call for help in a real estate agencythey will have to pay a fee for services rendered. This may be a fixed price or a percentage of the transaction. The agency's services include search for a suitable apartment and support. The contract signed with them should be painted flat settings, personal obligations realtor, the cost of services.


Independent apartment search consumingtime, but it will save money that would have gone to the agency. Search for an apartment it is necessary for a classified ad. These ads are published in newspapers, niche sites on the Internet. In Togliatti, the newspapers - "Hand in hand Togliatti", "Another free", "All ads - Tolyatti" and sites - realty.yandex.ru, tol.barahla.net, avito.ru/tolyatti. Also on these message boards, you can submit your purchase apartments.


Price per square meter apartments in the secondarymarket in Togliatti on average 47 thousand. p. The cost of an apartment depends on the number of floors, repair center nearby. Before searching you should definitely make the price monitoring.


If you buy an apartment with the repair, it should bepay attention to the condition of windows, doors, plumbing and electrical wiring. For external beauty can hide a lot of flaws and after the purchase will have to spend more on a new repair.


In the first place after the decision to buyan apartment you like to check the documents to the apartment and the seller. This master certificate and its certificate of ownership, BTI certificate and registration with the Chamber. If there is equity owners, then learn whether among them minors. In the case of a positive response from vendors should be reference to the guardianship authorities for permission to sell the apartment. You should also learn about the presence or absence of encumbrances or apartment arrests. If the seller is married, you will need a notarized consent of the other spouse.


If you have all the necessary certificates and documentsat the landlord can make a deal. If they are not ready, it is possible to conclude a preliminary contract of sale and enter a deposit for an apartment. Deposit or deposit is a guarantee that the seller will not sell the apartment to another person.


After the collection and verification of all documentsappointed date of the transaction for the conclusion of the main contract of sale. Money placed in the depository or rented cell bank. The seller with the buyer count the money, sign a contract and go to the registration of the transaction in the Registration Chamber.

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