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How to buy a TV

Buy the perfect TV can be, if you come to a choice of thoroughly

The more new products will appear in the home departmentstechnology, the harder it is to the buyer to make a choice. Not long ago the selection was that the TV, take a black-and-white (cheaper) or color (more expensive), but today is much more complicated.

Variety of models, configurations, functions, and, of course, prices are forced to ask for help in choosing.



Decide where you are going to placeTV. On this will depend on its size (the kitchen, most likely, a big screen just does not fit), and a set of additional functions (eg, the ability to connect your Blu-ray discs). Pre Home define the space that you are willing to pay for the whole set (TV, stand under it, connect your VCR, speakers, and so on). Note that most of the panel requires that a sofa or chairs are at a distance to it was not see pixels on the screen.


There are several types of televisions, each ofwhich has its own advantages and disadvantages. For LCD monitors are energy efficient and an acceptable price, but may be mute colors. In plasma, in contrast, high brightness and color reproduction, but the cumbersome size and high power fence. New on the market - LED TVs in our country is very expensive, though the price is justified by the fact that these models combine all the advantages of LCD and plasma. So the choice for the type of television is limited only by your budget.


Even if you choose the television or on the internetdirectory, be sure to go to the nearest store and look at this model firsthand. Not by chance in the big supermarkets of home appliances all TVs are always in working condition. Comparing the different models, you visually check their advantages and disadvantages, at least with regard to color and brightness, distortion at different viewing angles, and so on.

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