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How to buy a ticket for the Invasion

How to buy a ticket to the 2012 Invasion

"Invasion" - one of the largest rock music festivals in the CIS.

Every year this event attracts the attention of music lovers who come to the festival with their entire families.

Sometimes buy a ticket to the "Invasion" is quite difficult, so it is best to take care in advance.



In 2012, the festival "Invasion" willheld in the village of Big Zavidovo in the Tver Region 6, 7, 8 July. Among the guest artists who will perform at the eleventh for open-air`e account includes such stars of Russian rock music as Zemfira, CHajf, Pilot, DDT, and many others.


Buy a ticket to the "Invasion" can beofficial online store of the Festival, located at Shop.zavidovofest.ru. Kontramarok cost ranges from 1,600 to 180,000 rubles. In addition to tickets, on this portal you can get souvenirs of the festival, namely discs, T-shirts, badges, etc.


In that case, if the value of the ticket or tickets,you are going to purchase, exceeds the sum of 4000 rubles, you can order them on the official website of the festival - Nashestvie.ru. Within MKAD kontramarok delivery is free, so this method is very suitable for the capital's residents.


In Moscow, the official running the festival box office,where you can also purchase tickets for "Invasion 2012". Find it may be at the entrance to the fault of the hotel "Cosmos" at Prospect Mira, 150 Cass runs on weekdays from 11 to 18 hours, more information is available by phone 8 (495) 234-10-54.


Some distributors offer wishingpurchase tickets on the Internet. For example, portals RedKassa.ru, Concert.ru, Biletmarket.ru and some others are implementing kontramarok on "Invasion 2012", not imposing them an additional charge.


Tickets for the "Invasion" can also be purchased outsideMoscow. Cash registers, which are implemented Kontramarka to the festival, there are in St. Petersburg, Izhevsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Ryazan and Rostov-on-Don. A detailed list of ticket outlets addresses posted on the official website of "Invasion» - Nashestvie.ru.

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