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How to buy a share of a private individual

How to buy a share of a private individual

Purchase of shares - one of the best ways to invest money.

Often organizations and individual shareholders to increase its stake in the securities by buying shares from private individuals.

How to make such an operation?

You will need

  • - money-
  • - passport-
  • - Photocopy or UV inspection device.



In contrast to the direct purchase on the open market,purchase of shares from private individuals requires the mandatory preparation of contract. The contract for the sale of securities can be included in any registered notarial board.


Find out the real price of Russian shares notjust as it might seem at first glance. The fact that trade in the Russian Federation is carried out not on the shares, and the points (odds stakes) joint stock companies and corporations. In order to know the value of a share, you must make an official request to the Russian Trading System (RTS). Seek such information can only be registered brokers and the owners of the securities. If you already have such a stock, you can contact the RTS yourself, otherwise you can ask for a private person to make a request for sale.


Outdated information is available in the annual reportof the company for shareholders. Usually such reports are sent at the end of the fiscal year (November-December). On it you can rely on for a couple of weeks after publication. When buying shares from private individuals, it is desirable to ask for such annual report (or binder). Do cheaters can not be of such securities, because they receive only aktsionery- most of the inhabitants do not even know about the annual shareholders' meetings and reports.


The use of insider information will enableyou learn about the current state of affairs in the company. Note: in some countries (USA, UK), this approach is punishable by criminal law. In Russia, there is nothing stopping you to get acquainted with the company's staff and find out from them about the real state of affairs.


Check out the action on the authenticity of the purchase. Each share from the list, admitted to trading on the Russian Trading System, has water marks, a number of shares has microperforation and lit up in ultraviolet radiation. Another way to distinguish the genuine from the fake share - print a copy on any copier. The copied event will have a large inscription "Copy" on the diagonal.

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