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How to buy a mini-pig

Charming mini-pig "vinezau" breed

To buy the desired animal species, you need to observe a few simple rules.

With their help, you can choose a truly valuable, healthy and energetic mini-pig.

This pet will fulfill all the expectations of the owner.

A situation where a decorative mini-pig mincenext to the owner - I have long ceased to be exotic. Today, the animal has become quite a popular pet, so many people are interested in how to choose the right breed of miniature pigs, so as not to regret later on this acquisition.
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What are mini-pigs

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•; Decorative mini (or micro) piggies.
how to buy a pet

These animals are identical to usualthe largest representative of this family. There are several tens of lines of dwarf breed pigs. They may be different in color: spotted, gray and pink. But the standards for mini-pigov not yet been established, so to distinguish members of one lineage from another is not possible. The price of these small animals is much higher than other miniature pigs. On average, it is 25 thousand rubles.

•; pot-bellied pig.

It is a kind of mini-pigov and is consideredancestor of all dwarf members of this family. Vietnamese pigs - animals large enough for miniature: from 45 to 100 kg live weight. Their content in a small apartment irrational: uncomfortable will not only be your pet, but also its owners.

•; Vinezau - young breed, bred by German breeders.
•; Bergtressaer - a kind of Vietnamese pigs.
•; Mini mayyapino - one of the most popular breeds of micro-pigov. This is the miniature pig: pig weight is only 0.4 - 0.5 kg, an adult - up to 10 kg.
•; Mini sibling - Russian decorative rock.

Terms of the purchase of mini-pigs

In order not to be disappointed in buying, when aa small pig breed promised dwarf grows animal, much larger than expected, while selecting your future pet should pay attention to the following points:
Buy a mini-pigs only recommendedspecialized clubs or nurseries. It is important to see the parents of the animal in order to have a complete understanding of how the selected pet grow. For this purpose, breeders pictures stocking founders of the breed and the immediate parent of an animal.
Do not buy a mini-pig on the commonmarkets, where they sell a variety of animals. In this case, there is no guarantee that purchased the mini-pig is not large special small cub (weekly) pigs which do not differ from the offspring of dwarf breeds.
Required preliminary inspection of the animal: it must be clean, energetic, with no trace of any disease.

If you perform these simple rules,Acquired pet will grow exactly the way he wants to see the owner. Mini-pigs - being a fairly developed intelligence and a lot of vivid impressions and pleasure from dialogue with this animal to its owner provided.

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