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How to buy a laptop on credit

How to buy a laptop on credit

Laptop Buying on credit has its own characteristics and different from the usual procedure for the acquisition.

Very often get credit for the technique can be right in the store, if there are representatives of banks or sellers have the right to the issuance of the loan on behalf of the credit institution.

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - Copy of the work knizhki-
  • - An income statement (the list of documents varies depending on the requirements of the credit institution).



Decide in choosing the model purchased notebook according to its further use -work, education, games, etc. Look at the price lists of several sellers of computer equipment, review all the ongoing promotions and discounts.


In the store, read the selected item,listen to the recommendation of the seller. After that, you will be directed to the credit counselor, so carry your necessary documents. Their list can be found on the official websites of banks.


Make a request for a loan on laptop andWait until the bank employee will receive a system response. Normally it takes about 20 minutes. Please note that your application is little chance, if you have a bad credit history, work experience of at least six months, your age at least 21 years and more.


If there are several members in the storefrom different banks, make a request, and they, as it not only increases the chances of getting a loan, but also gives you the ability to select the most optimal conditions for its receipt. Applications are mostly handled by the system. Keep in mind that if you were refused, in many banks you can apply for a loan only after a certain amount of time. Also, an important role is played by a conversation with a credit counselor, be extremely polite to him.


If your application is approved, sign a contract with the bank, and then, with the available documents, perform purchase payment notebook at the box office. If during the warranty period will damage notebook and the need to not just repair and refund (exchange of goods is also considered as a refund), the seller must return to you all the amount paid in full.


If you have internet access, gothe procedure of applying for purchase on-line, just to see if it will approve, and which in this case are the conditions of credit use. To do this, simply find the bank's website menu corresponding item, enter data and see the result.

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