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How to buy a computer


How to buy a computer</a>

The computer was invented at the end of the last century, but now most of the world's population can not imagine life without it.

Its functions include working with text documents, and playing media (movies and music), and telephone communication, and much more.

When buying a computer it is important to consider what exactly you are going to do on it.



Decide on the purpose of the computer. It can not be universal: if you write music, you need to pay attention to the sound card, if you mount the video? You need a powerful video card. For games you need a sound card and a special type of video card.


Count how much money you are willing to spend onnew computer. The price range is as wide as the target, you can buy a good system unit for 20,000 rubles, or you can spend 50,000 rubles, but you can not figure it out.


You can buy a ready-made system unit withSpecificity of their activities. Then you do not have to worry that some details will conflict with each other. Visit several stores (real and on-line). Compare prices and different models, study the characteristics of the parts. If you are going to buy a monitor, a mouse and a keyboard, then consult that it is suitable for this or that block. Do not rush to buy the first visit, even if the computer, as it seems to you, is ideal for you. He will not go anywhere if you go to another store or just think.


You can build a computer fromSeparate elements. It is cheaper, but for such an assembly some experience is required. Do not rely only on the card's power or generation: it may not work? With a processor or other element. Do not forget about the purpose of the computer and do not try to make it the most powerful at all: it should perform well the work that you will entrust to it.

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