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How to buy a cat leash

When buying a leash for a cat should not approach this procedure at random.

First, you should at least determine what you need such acquisition.

When choosing a leash, it is desirable to determine whichamenities you would like to get with it. In order to control an animal, you can not choose a very long model. Most cats feel good when you use a harness with a leash, but if the animal does not like this design, it is better to buy a harness-suit. Attentive host chooses a model that the cat felt at ease and did not try to get rid of the leash.

The leash need not be expensive - fora small amount is quite possible to get a good thing. You can buy cheap Chinese product - when caring for a leash and will last for a long time. But we should not use it for adult cats with strong muscles - from a strong tension of poor quality material is easily broken.

Leash should be of sufficient length - likeat least two meters, the cat was able to move in the direction in which she wants. For example, it is convenient to use a leash roulette, which is designed for walking small dogs.

Try to wear a leash on the cat sothat it did not cause her discomfort. Taking into account the individual characteristics of the character of your pet, you will be able to carry out a walk so that you and the animal will experience only the most pleasant. With the use of a leash you will have peace of mind with regard to pet safety, and the cat will surely enjoy the opportunity to explore new territory.

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