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How to buy a car on the maternity capital

How to buy a car for maternity capital

The legislation in force as at2011 purchase of cars on the maternity capital is not available. Of course, in many regions of features cashing maternity capital, after which it can be used for any purpose.

But we must understand that they are not only free, but also illegal.

And not the fact that the money allocated to the family, the fraudsters will not get full.

You will need

  • - common sense-
  • - Law-abiding.



By law, the family can spend the parent capital for a strictly limited objectives: children's education, solution of housing problems or to put these funds to pension savings mother. The latter option may seem not the best choice, because our state trust of its citizens is not deserved. And there is no guarantee that, no matter how much a person has accumulated on your personalized account, it does not find reasons to make his pension if he would live up to it, a little.
But the other possibility is much more reasonable investment.


It is unlikely that Russia will be typed in many families, especiallyhaving more than one child, who would be solved the housing problem, including taking into account the future needs of their children. Those for whom it is not necessary to be able to solve the transport problem (and most long-decided) and without help from the state.
If the parents are burdened with mortgages, bettersend these funds for early repayment of the loan or interest thereon. In addition, the law allows it to do, without waiting for the baby, who is paid to the parent capital, Three years old.
Savings at the expense of money that would have to overpay for payments with the bank on a normal schedule, may be sufficient for the car.


The fact that the education of children - a better investment intheir future, understand any more or less intelligent parents. And a well-educated person's chances in the future to earn significantly boosted by own car without much effort.
So it is better money to buy a car to explore other sources, or is to do without it, but the mother capitalth to dispose of one of the destinations provided for by law.

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