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How to buy a car in Vladivostok

How to buy a car in Vladivostok

Arriving in Vladivostok you can hardly see that there are many domestic production of cars.

This is due to the fact that this city is located close to Japan. That is why the sale of cars in Vladivostok is the main activity of local businessmen.

Japanese cars in the Far East - are not uncommon, they are much more than any other.

Residents of the seaside town believe that to buy a used Japanese car is much better than the new Russian.



So, if you come to look Japanese orKorean cars in Vladivostok, first visit the largest car market in the city - "Green Corner". It sold tens of thousands of cars such as Korean and Japanese production. Prices in this market are not the lowest, but you can see with your own eyes and choose a favorite car, sit in it, to try out all the features and more.


If the price on a car you have not arranged,Try to find the desired car at auction. In Vladivostok, the active development of cooperation of local companies with auctions in Japan. These companies not only provide a guaranteed car loan, but its delivery to any region of Russia. Select a favorite in the auction car, make an order and wait for the delivery of cars to Vladivostok. Further already communicate with representatives of the company that carried out the purchase.


For a list of companiesworking with Japanese partners, please visit the "Area 25". Here is the directory in which collected almost all the firms that sell Japanese cars. Each corresponds to a detailed description of the company with a list of services, prices and independent customer reviews. With this catalog, you can make the right choice of partner companies.


If you do not use the delivery servicecar in your city, and distill it yourself, remember some rules. First, make sure that the machine was not disassembled before transportation to Russia, and then re-assembled. In this case, the build quality leaves much to be desired, and the machine can simply not sustain haul. Before departure, check the amount of oil, the quality of the tire and the condition of all the parts. Exit from Vladivostok better in the evening, after 19 hours. Check the card or browser, not to get lost on the way.

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