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How to buy a car in the showroom

How to buy a car in the showroom

To purchase a new car should be taken no less meticulously than the car with mileage.

Do not blindly trust the showroom.

Always carefully check the documents and the car upon purchase.



To start with the car dealership where youYou will buy a car. Choose among the large salons or network of dealers, who have multiple sites. An exception may be only monobrands. Car dealer must have an indoor show room, car for sale should not stand in the street. There may be only cars that pass presale or issued to the client. The choice of machine runs within the building. Pay attention to the comfortable interior, attentive staff. Sales should be pleasing to you, sometimes with it comes the long run.


To come to the salon, choose a car and after a couple ofhoot hours on it can only be in showrooms informal dealers. Such salons simply buy up and resell popular models wishing to buy a car quickly. This shop does not perform warranty service, and other value-added services, but maintained you can still at any service center at authorized dealers.


On the popular car models it is all. I have to wait an average of 1-2 months, but some models can be expected up to several years. This applies to machines on which equipment is selected according to the individual order. Waiting business class cars of some brands can last an average of three weeks, and maybe a couple of days depending on the desired configuration.


If you buy car on credit, in the cabin there are representatives of banks, which will pick up your credit program. If car you must wait for the first order the machine, and then wait for a response from the bank. Even in the case of a negative response will be returned the deposit or offer to buy another car. The deposit is usually 10-30% of the cost of the car.


When making the machine always documentscarefully read the contract and checks aggregates numbers. All additional options that are installed in the cabin must be specified. Collect a "clean" machine without any additional equipment very difficult. Sellers is unprofitable to give these machines, since they came to little profit. If you install the expensive equipment you do not want, it can be anti-corrosive, buy vnutrisalonnoe mats, all you need, but at a reasonable price. By the way, all the cars that are presented in the showroom and available as much as possible "packed" with additional equipment.


On the issue of the car, inspect it carefully. Without inspection do not sign any documents. The car you will have to give, after washing, so all body defects will be seen very well. Do not expect that if the car is new, then it has no defects. Better check yourself carefully. Check the chassis number and engine. Check the operation of all components and assemblies. If you go away from the passenger compartment and defects show up later, in which case you will be very difficult to make a complaint to the seller. You can be serviced only by guarantee.

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