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How to buy a car abroad


How to buy a car abroad</a>

Buying a car abroad becomes for our compatriots an ordinary, almost routine business.

Of course, this applies to mobile, easy-to-climb people who could not find a car in Russia to taste and financial possibilities.

The most popular country where Russians go for second-hand cars is Germany.

You will need

  • - international driving license-
  • - currency card of the bank-
  • - Schengen visa-
  • - the Internet-
  • - money.



Preparation for the trip must start at home. And it is better to do this with the collection of the necessary documents - get an international driving license, since with our, Russian rights, you can not cross the borders of other states on the way back.


Order in the bank a currency card, for thisIt will definitely take time, so it's best to do it in advance. On the card, transfer the amount of money equal to the amount of payment for the car, as well as duties and taxes, transportation, accommodation and meals on the road, and add money for unforeseen expenses.


In the embassy / consulate of Germany you will receive a Schengen visa. This will also take time - German officials very carefully check all documents, and it is better to take care of the visa in advance.


With the help of the Internet, study the information aboutVolume, how much is the approximate cost of the machine, the brand of which you are interested. Also, read about what fees and fees you will have to pay. Now many specialized auto sites offer such a service and even host special calculators.


Also, with the help of the Internet, look for a car on the websites of major automotive markets. Do not be limited to one machine, choose several acceptable options.

As an option, to the case of selecting the right machine youYou can hire a German dealer who professionally provides such services. The dealer can not only help you choose a car, but also help with paperwork and transportation to Russia.


So, with the car you have decided. Write to its owner, ask questions of interest to you, arrange a meeting.


At home, choose which way you will beTo return to Russia. Well, if you have the opportunity to take with you a seasoned driver who has already been to Germany - he will replace the road behind the wheel, and in choosing a car can help.

The two most popular routes from Germany to Russia: land Germany - Poland - Belarus - Russia and water on a ferry from Rostock to St. Petersburg.


After completing the purchase, the seller himself will issue the documents, and you can start off on the return journey.


Upon returning to Russia, put your fresh bought car on the account in the traffic police.

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