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How to buy a car

How to buy a car

Car acquisition of the customer inexperience can deliver a lot of problems later - and joy turn into a headache.

To avoid becoming a victim of fraud and to be confident in the future of his car, you need to know a few tricks that will help to overcome the pitfalls of the market and buy a quality car.



The most reliable way - buy a car fromauthorized dealer. First, decide which company you want to purchase goods. It is best to look for a dealer on the Internet: here you can go to the official site to find the right car, focusing on the submitted prices, read reviews and comments. If No comments on the site, type in the search for the company name in the derived responses, you are sure to find a site with reviews.


Call the dealership and make sure that the chosenyour car is available. Also, ask about whether to hold any shares at the moment as you can order goods and pay for it. If the manager's answers will be to your liking, go to the auto show.


Ask about the possibility to carry out a test drivevending car you. Especially if you choose a car for the first time and you do not quite know yet, exactly what you need. During the test you will see whether your interior is comfortable, and how the various elements of transport. If you still refuse to conduct a test drive, sit in the lounge, roll the wheel, pedal ponazhimayte. After about half an hour you will see the car is right for you or not. During this time, especially not to miss and spend the 30 minutes to use, read the operating instructions.


Be prepared for the fact that, making phoneAvailable in saloon cars and came to him, you will not find the desired option. You can tell that this model just bought, and offer an alternative. This option will no doubt have an advantage in functionality and cost. Try not to succumb to the desire to go on about the seller, and carefully look around the car offered. Perhaps more options and you do not need, and therefore there is no need for them to pay.


When you finally give the desiredthe car and the time comes to make a deal, without fail, check guarantee card, certificates, documents on the car. Car dealer is obliged to provide you with vehicle registration document (TCP) surrounding the date of registration, year of production machines and an identification number.


Once the purchase of the car in yourhands must remain a contract of sale, certificate-invoice (containing the date, place and terms of the transaction, description of transportation), warranty card, user manual and service book with the mark of inspection prior to the sale.

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