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Bushney Pumpkins


Sort of pumpkin Amazon</a>

The assortment of pumpkin cultures is very diverse. I want to plant and try a large number of varieties, but the size of the plot sometimes does not allow it.

To help come varieties of pumpkin with bush, compact arrangement of the weaves.

The main difference between clustered pumpkins and long-flowered ones is that all shrub varieties are very early-maturing. From the appearance of shoots to maturation is 85-90 days.

Bush-shaped pumpkins are compact plants. They occupy very little space in the beds. This is especially important for those who have small land plots.

Such plants do not require the formation of a bush. Fruits are formed at the base of the bush, but do not scatter around the garden. One plant can rear 4 to 12 fruits.

Shrub pumpkins give small, portioned fruits,From 0.6-1 kg (although some can grow up to 3 kg and above). Such pumpkins are called batch, which is extremely convenient, for example, when cooking. They have fruits, ripped from the garden, you can immediately eat. The taste qualities of such varieties are excellent. They have bright orange, juicy, tender flesh and a lot of carotene.

Place bush pumpkins do not take much. They are planted according to the 70x70 scheme, in contrast to varieties with long whips, which must be planted at least 1.5 m from each other.

The most popular varieties of this group are: The Gribovsky Shrew

189 (e

The one

Sort of old, but always gives a guaranteed crop),


Smile, Country

(Has the smell of vanilla), Amazon, Orange bush, Kolobok, Baby

And other new varieties.

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