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bush pumpkins

Amazon pumpkin grade

The range is very diverse cucurbits. I would like to try and put a large number of varieties, but the portion size sometimes does not allow to do it.

Come to the aid varieties of pumpkin with roses, a compact arrangement of lashes.

The main difference from the bush pumpkins dlinnopletistyh that all bush varieties are very early maturing. From germination to maturity passes 85-90 days.

Hedge pumpkin - compact plant. They take up very little space in the beds. Especially it is important for those who have small plots of land.

These plants do not require the forming bush. The fruits are formed at the base of the bush, and do not run around the garden. One plant can bring up from 4 to 12 fruits.

Hedge pumpkin give small portions fruit,by 0,6-1kg (although some can grow up to 3 kg and above). These pumpkin called a la carte, which is extremely convenient, for example, when the culinary preparation. They have fruit plucked from the garden, you can immediately use in food. Taste the quality in these excellent grades. They have bright orange, juicy, tender flesh and a lot of carotene.

Place spray pumpkins do not occupy very much. Their precipitated 70x70 scheme, unlike varieties having long lash, which should be put at least 1.5 m apart.

The most popular varieties of this group: Gribovskaya bush

189 (e


sort of old, but always keep a guaranteed harvest)


Smile, summer

(Has a vanilla scent), Amazon, Orange bush, Gingerbread Man, Baby

and other new varieties.

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