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How to burn the game to CD

How to burn the game on CD-ROM

The most common source of the disk image is used in the game recording - file with the extension iso, nrg, cue, img, etc.

In order to burn it on a CD-disc, except for the blanks, you need a CD-recorder and a program for recording, able to work with files and images.

One such application is the Nero Burning ROM and a simplified version of Nero Express interface.



Place the device in optical recording disc CD-ROM drive for playing recording.


If the game is stored in the computer as an imagedisc, then select it in the left side of the section with the name after launching Nero Express application "Image, project, copy". As a result, in the right pane displays a list of three options - select the "disk image or save the project." Nero will open a window in which you must find the file on your computer with the image of the recorded games. Highlight it and click "Open". After that, the program will move the window "The final recording settings."


Make sure the "Current Recorder" field is selectednamely the optical disc recorder in which you have installed the drive. If the lower-right corner of the window you see a button labeled "imitation", then click on the vertical rectangular button located in the center of the left side of the window to access additional settings. The panel opened more uncheck in the "Simulation" and place a check mark in the "Record" box - the button in the lower right corner will change the inscription on the "Record".


If you have previously had problems with recordingthe same disc at maximum speed, then select one of the "Write Speed" drop-down list of values. If you can not wait for the end of the process, then check the box "Automatically shutdown your PC» - Nero shut down your computer after the CD-ROM writing process.


Click "Burn", and Nero Express will starta process that may require several tens of minutes to several hours. The percentage of the job, along with information about what the application at the current stage, you will see the information box on the screen. After recording, the program will beep and push the disc tray.

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