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How to burn dvd using Nero 6

How to burn dvd using Nero 6

Programs for recording information on optical discs, there are many.

But not all of them are as popular as the Nero program.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, high reliability and simplicity of today is Nero is one of the most popular programs for recording CDs.

If you have not dealt with the record information on the disc, it is recommended to start with her.

You will need

  • - A computer-
  • - DVD-disk-
  • - Nero 6 software.



Insert the drive blank DVD-ROM or diskformat DVD RW. Run the program. Above the middle of the window, click on the arrow and select the disc format, with whom you will work. In this case - it is a DVD, but can also select the CD / DVD. Now go to the "Favorites" tab and select "Create DVD with the data." The program should automatically detect the type of media that is in the drive.


You can check what type of disc is selectedsystem. In the lower right corner there is an arrow. Beside her written information about the type of disc. If the system is properly defined type of DVD, then click on the arrow and select the correct disc format. Although the program is very rarely incorrectly identifies the disk, but it can happen if you are using to record the DVD format 9.


Now in the upper right corner, click"Add" and add the project files you want to burn to an optical disc. Every time you add a file from the bottom of the window bar indicates remaining free space on the disk. If the bar will turn red, then added files exceed the capacity of the drive in the drive. In this case, the disc is simply not written, and you have to delete some files. When all files are added, the program window, click "Next".


Completes the settings window appears. Here in the line "Name" you can specify the name of the disc. Click next to "Recording speed" on the arrow and select "Maximum". You can also check the "Verify data after writing". When selected, the program will compare the data already recorded with the original data, which is stored on the hard disk. Once all the settings are selected, press "Record". The disc recording process, the speed of which depends on its type, the type of data that is recorded on it as well as the speed level which has been set by the program. When the disc is burned, you will be notified that the burn is successfully completed.

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