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How to burn a DVD-RW disc

Often, much more convenient to watch video onTV, rather than on a computer monitor, so users prefer to rewrite movies on DVD-RW discs - the good, do it today can be almost any PC user.



Check whether your drive recording function. As a rule, it can be determined by the engraving on the cover of the drive: DVD-RW. If the lid is covered with something, or on, in principle, no marks, check the device name in the system. If you open the menu "My computer» DVD-rom marked as DWD-RW, it has a recording function. In an extreme case, insert "blank" (blank disc DVD) into the drive and click on the right mouse button. If you see a sign "written to disk files," that you are able to do so.


Purchase a blank DVD-RW disc. As mentioned above, it is referred to in the "blanks" people. Note the volume of the disk when purchasing - this parameter takes a value quite different due to different manufacturers and different recording methods (in particular, "Double Layer» DVD). Therefore, make sure that the recording file size is less than or equal to the volume of the disc.


Recording can be carried out both by means ofWindows, and with the help of third-party programs. It should be noted that the recording function on Windows XP is framed very badly and on many computers is unstable: it is better to prefer a specialized software. Windows 7, in contrast, offers a very fast and reliable system with discs, which, as a rule, is not satisfactory. However, if you plan to use the recording function on a regular basis, it is better to prefer the «Nero: burning rom» - the most famous program for working with RW discs, which guarantees quality.


Recording movies, pay attention to the filefuture drive system. In simple terms, the files can be written in different ways. If you want to transfer the movie to another computer and see there, it is quite suitable "normal" version of the record. If the drive will need to insert a DVD-player, and record it in a special way it should be ( "Create a CD for video player"). In this case, the pig is no longer space remains, and it will be recognized only as a carrier of the video.

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