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How to record a movie from TV to computer

How to record a movie from TV to computer</a>

In order to record movies broadcast on TV to a computer, no special software is needed to transfer video between devices.

Most standard video editing programs can also record movies and TV shows.

You will need

  • - video capture device-
  • - A program for editing video.



Connect the AV cable of the video capture device to the audio and video connectors TV. If the TV is connected to theDigital TV, connect the cable to the audio and video connectors of this set-top box. When connecting the cable, follow the matching colors (red plug to red connector, white to white and yellow to yellow).


If the TV or set-top box has a portS-Video, connect the S-Video cable to this port. If there is no S-Video port, you can record video only with the AV cable (although with some loss of quality).


Insert the end of the USB cable of the video capture device into an available USB port on the computer. You may need to wait a few minutes for the computer to recognize the device.


Open the program for editing video,Which can capture video from the camera. For example, iMovie (for Mac computers), Windows Movie Maker or Adobe Premiere (for personal computers) support this option.


Go to the File menu and select the optionCapture or Capture Function on the main screen of the video editing program. If you have several options for capturing, select the option Capture From Digital Video Camera - capture from a digital video camera (as the system recognizes the video capture device).


Enter a title for the video file when prompted to do so in the editing program. Select the folder on the hard drive in order to save the movie file in it.


Click the Start Capture button or Start Import button in the video editor. Start showing the movie you want to write to your computer.


Click the Stop Capture button when the movie ends. The video will be saved in the previously specified folder.

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