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Like a blind man from clay bunnies

clay bunny

From clay and threads make funny bunny with movable legs.

Ushastik best to sit on the edge of the table or bookshelf - if their legs are funny wiggle.

Fashion a large piece of clay body with a haresquare base and rounded top. In places where there should be a back and front foot, body pierce with a toothpick. Fashion a ears and attach them to the head. Make holes-eyes, pierced the clay with a cotton swab and draw the cross-bow stack.

Roll four balls: two more (hind legs) and two smaller ones (front paws). Prick holes in them through.

Cut the wire into six pieces nebolshik. And on each side, slide the three pieces in the snout as whiskers. When the clay is dry figure, pass through the holes and tie a string on the nodules in the body and at the ends of the legs.

Council. Clay dries quickly. If one of the parts had time to dry, gently moisten it with water - then you can easily connect the parts together. Remains of clay in a tightly closed bag.

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