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How to Bun the Bunnies from Clay


Clay bunny</a>

From clay and thread make funny rabbits with moving paws.

Ushastikov best placed on the edge of the table or bookshelf - then their feet will be funny to rock.

Mold out a large piece of clay trunk hare withSquare base and rounded top. In places where there should be back and front legs, puncture the trunk with a toothpick. Stick out your ears and attach them to your head. Make hole-eyes, piercing the clay with a cotton swab and draw a cross-nose with a stack.

Roll four balls: two more (hind legs) and two smaller (front legs). Pierce through holes in them.

Cut the wire into six small pieces. And on each side, stick three pieces into the muzzle, like a mustache. When the clay figure dries, thread a thread through the holes and tie it around the nuzzle at the trunk and at the ends of the legs.

Tip. The clay dries quickly. If one of the parts has time to dry, gently moisten it with water - then you easily connect the parts with each other. Keep the remains of clay in a tightly closed bag.

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