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BUILDING HOUSES FROM CIP Panels: practical advice


Frame house made of self-supporting panels</a>

The construction of houses from SIP panels has now acquired a wide scope everywhere.

This is natural, because their erection is quick, it turns out inexpensive and comfortable housing for living.

About CIP panels and house-building

Before you lay out a certain amountPractical advice on building a house from CIP panels, find out what it is. The SIP sandwich panel (SIP) is a very strong, three-layer construction consisting of two OSB-3 wooden boards (OSB-3), between which a layer of dense expanded polystyrene is glued under pressure.
Panels are used for the production of low-rise buildings, of which cottages and block-type apartment buildings are being built. Canadian technology is used for construction.

Houses made of self-supporting panels are sound, possessExcellent thermal circuit and high strength. SIP (in English SIP - Structural Insulated Panel) means: "Constructional heat-insulated panel".

The panels are lightweight, powerful bases are not needed. Because of this, the assembly of the house can be carried out by forces of 3-4 people (one engaged in cutting panels). It is possible to build a house from 2 weeks to 2 months, it does not need shrinkage. It can be built and wireframe. If you buy a prepared set of a building, and the assembly is performed by the manufacturer, then it can be built even faster.

Construction of foundation and walls

The foundation is not very shallow. The entrances to the house of electricity, water and sewerage are carried out before the foundation is built. At the design stage, you need to take into account the dimensions of the panels (width 1.25 meters) to reduce waste and labor costs for preparation (cutting) the panels.
From the panels it is convenient to build the walls. We make the ceilings traditional, they are laid on wooden beams. This is important for large spans that have a size of 4 meters or more. The walls of the house are erected on the floors. The length of the panels is equal to the height of future premises (2.5 meters is suitable for many). If higher ceilings are required, then panels using a length of 2.8 meters are used.
Also it must be taken into account that it is best to perform a jointPanels at an angle of 90 degrees. And 180 deg. Internal walls and partitions of the house can also be made from panels. As a consequence, the assembly process can be simplified and accelerated. The walls isolate the noise, they are very durable, and after finishing with plasterboard they will be fireproof.

The panel has a high degree of thermal insulation - many times warmer than brick houses. Comfortable living in the house is possible at an outside temperature of -50 degrees. C to +50 deg. FROM.

Drywall for building(GKL, T-bills, GKLV). Its mounting on the walls (in this case) is performed without profiles, using glue or screws. Walls can be wallpapered, painted, etc.

To build the fastest, it is better to build in summer or winter. Rains and dirt can interfere with construction.

A bit about the roof, windows, ventilation and doors

The usual roof of rafters for the Canadian houseDo only in the case of building an attic. If the roof is a warm room (attic), the use of panels for the roof will be a rational solution, because as a result, it turns out and insulated roof, and a ready crate for the roof.
When designing window openings, you canSpend less money if you choose their sizes in standard, but small sizes. There are companies offering inexpensive price for PVC windows of some standard sizes. The same applies to doors. There are a lot of them - the choice is yours.
When mounting the ventilation system,Take into account the possibility of condensate formation. The measures taken to insulate the ventilation pipes in the attic may not help. It is necessary to provide a system for draining condensate into the sewage system.
Here are just some of the tips for building a house. More information can be found in other sources.</ H2>

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