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Building a house from SIP panels: practical tips

Frame house from SIP panels

Construction of houses from SIP panels now gained widespread everywhere.

This is natural, because their construction is fast, turns an inexpensive and comfortable accommodation housing.

About SIP panels and house construction

Before you put a certain amount ofpractical advice on the construction of the house of SIP panels, find out what it is. Sandwich panel the SIP (SIP) - a very durable, three-layer structure consisting of two wooden OSB-3 boards (OSB-3), between which the pressure is glued layer of dense polystyrene.
The panels are used for the production of low-rise buildings, including building houses and apartment block type building. For building used Canadian technology.

Houses made of SIP panels are sturdy, haveexcellent thermal circuit and high strength. SIP (SIP-English - Structural Insulated Panel) means: "Structural Insulated Panel".

Panels lightweight, does not need a strong foundation. Because of this, the assembly can be carried out at home forces of 3-4 people (one engaged cutting boards). You can build a house from 2 weeks to 2 months, he does not need a shrink. It can build and frame. If you buy a prepared set of buildings, and perform assembly manufacturing company - then it is possible to build even faster.

Construction of the foundation and walls

We recommend shallow foundation. Entries in the house electricity, water and sewage systems to carry out the construction of the foundation. At the design stage should take into account the size of the panels (width 1.25 meters) in order to reduce waste and labor costs for the preparation (cutting) panels.
From panels convenient to assemble the walls. Ceilings do traditional, they are placed on wooden beams. This is important for large spans having a size of 4 meters or more. The walls of the house erected on the ceilings. Panel length is equal to the height of future buildings (2.5 meters suitable for many). If you need a high ceiling, then use the panel length of 2.8 meters.
You should also bear in mind that it is best to carry out the jointpanels 90 deg. and 180 deg. Internal walls and partitions at home can also be made from panels. Consequently, we can simplify and speed up the assembly process. The walls insulate the noise out very strong, and after finishing drywall, and they will be fireproof.

The panel has a high degree of thermal insulation - is much warmer than brick houses. Comfortable accommodation in the house possible with ambient temperature range from -50 deg. C to +50 degrees. FROM.

For the construction of perfect drywall(FCL, T-bills, gypsum plasterboard). It mounts on the wall (in this case) is performed without profiles, using glue or screws. The walls can be wallpapered, paint and others.

To construction was the fastest, best to build in the summer or winter. Rain and dirt can interfere with the construction.

A bit of the roof, windows, doors and ventilation

A conventional roof rafters from home for Canadiando only in the case of the construction of the attic. If the roof is a warm room (attic), the use of panels for the roof unit is a rational decision, because the result is and roof insulation, sheathing and ready the device for the roof.
In the design of window openings can bespend less money, if you choose their standard sizes, but small in size. There are companies that offer on the cheap PVC windows several standard sizes. The same applies to doors. They are there so many - the choice is yours.
When mounting the ventilation system is necessaryconsider the possibility of condensation. The measures on warming ventilation pipes may not help in the attic. It is necessary to provide condensate drain into the sewer.
Here, only a portion of tips on the construction of the house. More information can be found in detail elsewhere.</ H2>

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