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How to build the foundation for the house

How to build the foundation for the house

Many of the construction work can be carried out independently and not to involve outside experts.

Works related to the construction of the foundation can also be made with your own hands.

By the will and the skills you need to add some basic rules.



Before we deal with the erection foundationIs to determine the composition of the soil in whichbuilding will be erected. In order to assess the ground, it is necessary to dig a pit depth of about 1 meter. The best considered a sandy-rocky soil and gravel. You should always pay much attention to such a characteristic of the goods as humidity. To build a house can be only when the pit dug in the water does not accumulate.


To build a simple strip foundation, it is necessaryremove the fertile layer of soil on the site where the structure will be placed. Filming should be 20 to 40 centimeters of the soil. Along the perimeter to dig trenches and build base foundation. It is not necessary to engage in the creation ofsand bags, you can only install the casing of the boards. Decking should be the right size. If you decide to use stone or brick foundation, the clutch can be made with sand. Seams fill with cement mortar. Strength foundation You can improve by adding a reinforcing wire.


If the ground water at the construction siteis close to the ground surface, the depth of the trench to do more than the depth of freezing ground. This value is different on each soil. By following these simple rules, the foundation will be resistant to the effects of seasonal ground deformations.


If the soil clay or loose, it is necessary to build a platform that is an extension foundation below. The foundation needs to be done a little bit wider than the walls. Usually it is made wider than 20 centimeters.


After the foundation brought to ground level,you need to do waterproofing. The waterproofing layer can be done with tar paper. Also, using melted bitumen to do underground waterproofing foundation. Fundam need at this stage in alignment. This is done using gidrourovnya.

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