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How to build from pieces of snow

How to build from pieces of snow

Snow - is not only rainfall in the winter, the snow - that's the beauty and delight, a joy and fun for kids and youth.

Snow - is riding a roller coaster, a game of snowballs,This snowman and lots of other fun. As it turned out, because of the snow, you can not just slap a snowman and snow, but also an amazing, unique snow figures.

These are not simple, it is necessary to have some knowledge, skill and dexterity.

Sculpt of snow can be anything that comes to mind - it may be a fairy-tale characters, and a slide, and a fortress, and many other products.



A few tips and tricks on how to build figures out of snow.
Before starting work, it should be remembered thatmanufacture of extraordinary snow figures has its own specific features and it is connected primarily with the material (snow), is applied at work. We should not forget that the snow is sensitive to temperature change.


Decide what you're tinkering.

Make sketches on paper.

BLIND piece of plasticine for clarity.


Prepare the necessary equipment andtools (for frame - food dyes, paints, spray fanery- leaves for work - - scrapers, saws, trowels, nozhovki- to decorate the finished construction).

Wear light, but warm clothing.


Make a plywood or boards shape frame.
Take the white snow and start modeling itselfinvented figures. In this case the snow should always be wet. If the snow is powdery, it should be before you start modeling quickly lower it in a bucket of water and then apply the wet snow on the frame. When applying a little snow, the figure starts to gain volume, and will gradually emerge what you need.

Give the resulting figure freeze.


With the help of trained pigs and saws cut the contours of the figures, such as hair, hands, legs, eyes, and others.

Put the finished sculpture, your creation,Paint, giving the product color. In addition to the painting at the end of the work, you can also add paint or food coloring in the snow itself, which is used for modeling and create their offspring once stained snow.

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