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How to build from a bar


Beam - an eco-friendly material, successfully used in the construction of houses</a>

Houses made of wood are still the most environmentally friendly and cozy houses.

Houses from solid timber have some advantages over logs.

Build them much faster: they have grooves and grooves, which are firmly fixed in each other.

Between them there are no gaps, and hence the consumption of heat-insulating material is less.

There are several more features of building a house from a bar.



Like any other house, the timber house begins withFoundation. If the soil is non-puffy, that is, it does not get wet and does not freeze in the winter, then a strip foundation laid at a depth of about 50 cm is enough. To create it along the future outer and inner walls, a casing with reinforcement inside is installed in the pit and concrete is poured. However, in any case, the timber house, like any other wooden house, needs to create a high socle in order to avoid wetting the walls. The top of the basement after its complete drying is covered with a waterproofing layer: an insulator, bitumen, tar.


The walls of the house of the timber are built only of dry material. The bars can only be dried in the shade, laid with sparse piles and painted over the ends with paint.


Now the actual construction of the walls. The first wreaths are laid on the corners not a spike in the groove, but in the middle. All the other crowns gather the spike into the groove. Such a connection is more durable than the "heart". Each crown is fastened with nagel. In particular, this applies to glued beams. This is done to avoid skewing the beam during the shrinkage of the house. Nagels are made from round bars in cross-section (cuttings from garden tools are ideal). For nagelya drill a hole drill of this diameter, so that the nail with force entered the hole. Nagels put every 2-3 meters. Instead of wooden nagely often use long nails. They need to be completely drowned in a bar so that no crevices appear between the crowns in the process of shrinkage of the structure.


Between the crowns must be laid sealant. Since the uneven bars are even, you can use roll, flax, jute for laying. This greatly speeds up the process of assembling the house. Fix the sealant to the timber with a construction stapler.


The openings are made in two ways: they are sawed out after assembly or the opening is left during the construction of the wall. If this is the second option, then in the middle of the opening you must first lay a solid beam.


After the erection of the walls, they are enslaved, that isLay a seal between the crowns so that no gaps remain. At this stage, all the hanging parts of the seal are folded, which was laid directly during the erection of the walls. The seam should be smooth and round.


Ready-made frame from the timber should be at least a yearBefore finishing. At the end of this period, the house is to be demolished once more, as shrinkage occurred, the house slightly diminished, gaps appeared between the bars.

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