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Bruce - an eco-friendly material, successfully used in the construction of houses

Houses made of wood are still the most environmentally friendly and cozy houses.

Houses made of solid timber have some advantages over the timbered.

Build them faster: they have slots and grooves, which are firmly fixed to each other.

Between them, there is no interstices and thus less consumption of insulating material.

There are several features of the construction of timber houses.



Just like any other house, the house begins with lumberfoundation. If the soil nepuchnisty, that is not waterproof and does not freeze in winter, it is enough tape foundations laid at a depth of about 50 cm. To create along the future external and internal walls in the pit set formwork with armature inside and poured concrete. However, in any case, the house made of logs, as well as any other wood needs to create a high plinth to avoid wetting the walls. The top of the foundation after it is completely dry covered with moisture barrier: Isola, bitumen, tar.


The walls of the timber houses are built of only dry material. Bars only dry in the shade after putting sparse piles and filling in the ends of the paint.


Now actually about building walls. The first wreaths placed at the corners are not a thorn in the groove, and vpoldereva. All other crowns collected tongue in groove. This connection is more durable than? Vpoldereva ?. Each crown is secured by means of pegs. This is especially true of laminated veneer lumber. This is done in order to avoid warping the beam in the house shrink. Nageli made from circular in cross-section bars (ideal cuttings of garden tools). To drill dowel holes are drilled such diameter to peg firmly entered into the hole. Nageli put every 2-3 meters. Instead of wooden pins often use long nails. They need to be fully utaplivat in the tool bar to not appear between the crowns of the gap in the process of shrinkage of the structure.


Between the crowns are placed sealant necessarily. Since the boards are smooth, can be used for laying the roll hemp, flax, jute. This significantly speeds up the home building process. Commit to the beam seal using staple gun.


Openings made in two ways: cut out after assembling or opening left in the construction of the wall. If this is the second option in the middle of the opening, first be sure to lay solid timber.


After the erection of walls, their okonopachivayut, iepaving the seal between the rims so that there remained gaps. At this stage, all buckled overhanging portion of the seal, which was laid directly in the construction of walls. The seam should turn smooth and round.


Ready frame of the timber must be at least a yearbefore finishing. After this period, the house okonopachivayut again, as occurred shrinkage, little house has decreased, there were gaps between the bars.

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