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How to build formwork for the foundation

How to build formwork for the foundation

Building a house starts with the construction of the foundation.

Decking - design, which helps to maintain the shape of the future of the foundation, fill it with maximum speed and high quality performance.

You will need

  • - closely
  • - gvozdi-
  • - shurupy-
  • - Metal truby-
  • - penopolistirol-
  • - Metal pruty-
  • - Sand and gravel-
  • - armatures
  • - polyethylene film.



High-quality formwork must withstand the pressureconcrete poured into it without changing its geometric shape. In addition, should take care of the sealed insulation casing to prevent leakage of the solution.


The formwork can be used as wood, steel or polystyrene frame. For columnar foundation shuttering often set of metal pipes of a certain diameter.


When installing metal deck therethe ability to quickly resolve the issue of the future configuration of the foundation. Metal can bend to any angle and make the construction of the necessary geometry.


Concrete formwork was set atindustrial construction, as the cost of them is high enough. Timbering from expanded polystyrene can be purchased in the store construction materials or to rent. The benefits of installing a design is ease of installation, dismantling and affordable price.


Before installing casing in any materialperform the necessary marking vertical and horizontal surfaces, install the metal rods, which will excavate. The bottom of the pit carefully strengthened by sand and gravel. Then proceed with the immediate installation of the formwork.


The construction of all the elements of the formwork is carried outbefore mounting the reinforcement cage, if the formwork itself is removable or after installation, if you plan to disassemble the casing and leave it as the basis for the foundation.


If the foundation is strong enough, with foreignhand should make the formwork spacers. Without them structure can not withstand the weight of concrete mix, resulting in the destruction of the already installed casing.


Inside the wooden formwork obsheyte plastic wrap. This will help prevent leakage of the solution, and the foundation will be more even.


Pour the foundation can be immediately after installationformwork. If you carefully strengthened, formwork can withstand the onslaught of the entire mass of the concrete solution. Properly installed formwork to pour the foundation allows entirely using brought concrete. You can not fear that at the most crucial moment of your formwork collapse.

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