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How to build a basement

From the basement can be a warehouse, office or gym

Even if the basement and is not an integral part of any country house, it can be accurately described as a very important part.

The large basement can be placed a warehouse for storage of raw and canned foods, all things that are not necessary, but may be necessary in the future.

Also, the basement can be used as an office or even a gym at home.

How to build a good cellar, you will find out right now.



It is not enough for a good cellar just digpit. After all, this area must be secure, resistant to moisture and is well ventilated. Before the construction of the basement, you must first dig a hole depth of 2 meters and see whether the water is typed there. If the water does not come? you are lucky. Otherwise, there is a need to carry out waterproofing work. And it should be done carefully, as errors then it is very difficult and expensive to remove.


It is best to spread the basement of the brickclay solution with the addition of sand or of rubble on a solution of lime and sand. Before choosing a basement wall thickness is necessary to consider the design of future homes. If it is made of capital and cinder block or brick to be done with the basement wall thickness 50 mm greater than the thickness of the masonry box houses. For rubble basement walls should be a bit thicker.


Sex is better to do of broken bricks, gravel orexpanded clay on a clay solution. Next masonry is sealed and protected from moisture layer of roofing material. You can leave the floor and earthy. Then it would be better to maintain a constant low temperature and eliminate unpleasant odors.


Overlap the ceiling of the basement should be done from PKZH,under them podsteliv boards firmware. To the cellar under the whole house needed support columns, which can serve as a series of cinder block or brick thickness of 500-600 mm.


Particular attention should be paid to waterproofing. For this fit the bitumen layer with Gears or straw, foam, vapor layers of roofing felt or tar paper. All seams must be carefully repaired and sealed, so that the room is not leaking water with an unpleasant odor.


About ventilation, too, care should be taken. It is necessary to do two air duct, as which can act chimneys or windows located at different ends of the basement on the diagonal. One tube (or window) should be close to the floor, and the other? to the ceiling. And with the blind-valve can adjust the intensity of the ventilation.

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