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How to build a windmill

How to build a windmill

Today, hardly anyone would enjoywindmill, because it has long been replaced by modern technology and the latest equipment. But still need to manufacture this type of device there.

As a rule, the windmills are used as decorative construction of cottage or garden plot, near the farms or plants and other agricultural lands.

Windmill is a beautiful decorative element and quite practical building, where you can store, for example, construction or gardening equipment.



Make dredging foundation. It is necessary to deepen by about 60-70 cm, and then lay down on the ground deepening brick plinth. Obsheyte wooden bars base section 50 to 100 mm.


Make a frame made of steel sheets dimensions of 80 by 120 and 270 cm. It is best to cook from the corner of 50 to 50 mm.
Obsheyte its wooden beam section 40 by 40 mm. If possible, you can fix the battens on the bars with conventional screws.


Replace the cap steel frame.
Cover the timber inside and outside specialimpregnated to protect it from moisture and various weather phenomena. Apply the impregnation should be in several layers (the first - primer, two second - varnish and base color). Insulate the mill inside the foam and plywood obsheyte.


Make of wooden beams supportingroof structure on top of the frame. Lay on the truss system of continuous crate. You can use the remaining battens. Cover the crate roofing material in two layers, then lay anyone chosen roofing material.


Go to manufacture the screw after the mill design is ready. Take two powerful three-quarter rolling bearing and axle.


Assemble the blades of the mill. They can do conventional wooden boards of cross section 50 to 50 mm, as well as strips of 20 by 40 mm.


Fasten the blade with screws and fix wind mills, as provided for this place.


Wind mill ready. Grind grain in it, of course, is not possible, but watch the movement of the blades is very interesting in the wind. Moreover, it is possible to arrange in the mill, for example, a summer shower or, as already mentioned, to store garden tools, toys, etc.


However, you can install and millstones, but doing it yourself is impractical, it is better to buy following a hardware store, and report device in the car.

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