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How to build a wind rose

How to build a wind rose

Rose of winds called circular vector diagram showing the wind direction during a certain period.

Such graphics are widely used inmeteorology, climatology, as well as in the construction of runways of airfields, residential areas and industrial zones. The stylized image of the wind rose is often used in heraldry.

Today it can be seen in the symbolism of NATO or old maps.

But unlike these diagrams from the stylized image of all the rays of equal length.

You will need

  • "Calendar weather" observations diary, lined paper in a cage, a ruler, a pencil, Excel spreadsheets



For training purposes rose winds often learn tolessons of local history and geography, as well as in building universities and colleges. Build a simple compass rose is not difficult for a certain location. This task is often performed by students grades 6-9.


In order to build yourself RoseWinds will need data on the daily direction of the wind for a month or more. This information can be obtained independently by the daily weather observations, and you can also take in the "Calendar of Weather" during the analyzed period.


the basis for the chart is then constructedordering of observation. To do this, draw a coordinate system in which the major axis will reflect the four cardinal points of the compass - north, east, south and west. Then, through the center of coordinates spend an extra two axes and mark on them the intermediate points of the compass: north-east, south-east, north-west and south-west. Each axis is uniform division, symbolizing the number of days suspended. If we consider the period of one month, the coordinate ranges can reflect one day.


After the preparatory work can be donego directly to the construction of the wind rose. To do this, count the number of days during which the wind was blowing in a certain direction, and put them on each of the axes. The number of days in each direction check point. Carefully connect the points obtained straightforward to obtain a closed polygon. The number of windless days (calm) mark in the circle center of the diagram. If during the studied time interval in some of the areas of light wind there was, a connecting line at this site should be interrupted.


As a result of the work you get a wind rose toyour region during the analyzed period. Its rays will be uneven, and the longest of them show the prevailing direction of the winds in the study area.


Diagrams can be and wind roseautomatic way in Excel. To do this, create a file in which are listed in a table available data on the number of days and the wind direction. You should now have two columns: the names and areas of the world with the number of windy days. Then, in the menu "Insert" - "Chart" select "Radar", and follow the advice of the master charting. The result is a graphical representation of the wind rose.

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