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How to build a two-storey house

How to build a two-storey house

How to build a two-storey house, without the help of professional teams?

To do this, you must carefully consider the project to find the optimal materials, and gradually carry out the construction, clearly following the selected project.



Wanting to build a two-storey house, firstdecide his destiny as the technology of construction of cottages is very different from the methods of construction of houses for year-round use. When planning the construction of a reliable home-purchase the stone coquina, since the building of the material may be raised in a short time. Complete design of the building is able to perform only a specialist, so buy a finished project, or use standard designs available on the Internet or specialized publications.


To build a two-storey house with his own hands,First, start by digging a trench around the perimeter of the future building and pouring the concrete foundation, the height of which is not less than a meter. When preparations draw a perimeter of the future building, and then align the surface area, removing the top layer of soil. When you create a foundation note, do not accumulate there in the trench ground water, and in the case of detecting them go deep into the ground, making the foundation of a high and wide. Remember that the foundation should be placed under all load-bearing walls, otherwise these cracks may appear later.


After completing the waterproofing foundations of the house, startwalling, clearly aligning each stone with a special level and making sure the joints angles, do not forget to leave room for the door and window openings. After the walls of the first floor finished, use a floor slab reinforcement, to provide a basis for the second floor of your home, and then proceed with the erection of walls. Choosing a simplified version of the roof arrangement, use a gable roof construction, covering it with the usual slate.


Through self-constructiontwo-storey house, after the construction of his box and roof assembly, lift all internal partitions, mount the stairs, get into the building engineering services, and then proceed with the installation of windows and doors. Then spend facade works, insulated exterior walls, and then trimmed them with structural plaster or low-siding. Go to the inner work performed by floor screed, alignment and putty walls, and the final stage will be the final finishing, installation of interior doors, tiling floors and walls and the creation of the interior.

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