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How to build a home stove


Stove heating the house has not lost its necessity in some regions. Usually build a furnace with high emissivity.

They are intended for heating several rooms and used for cooking.

Good to know about how to build a home stove.

Of course, for this we need to study a lot of literature and have some experience.

Construction of the furnace is planned to further the design of the house, so that all the rooms were built around it. But it happens that the house already exists, and you want to build it in the house.

Which oven is better to choose for the house?

If the house is small, it is suitableboiler-heating, "Swede", and arises principally from her stove and oven. If the house has several floors, you will need central heating, then you no longer fit "Dutch". It is in this case is set as a family home, a home decoration. It is necessary that at the future site of the stove (floor and ceiling) had no beams.
Furnaces for the house are brick and metal. The first is used traditionally, it is solid and reliable. The second (of metal) - purchased ready-made. It has drawback - eventually burns, so you'll have to buy a new one. The choice is yours.

The main purpose of the furnace - heat the room. We must know that the type is selected based on ability to provide the entire heat living space (room) for any outdoor temperature.

The cost of furnace

It is determined by the cost of all necessarymaterials and payment for work Pecnik. The complexity of the project increases the price. For the construction of the middle of the furnace is required up to 1500 bricks. A small - can add up to.

furnace standards

Of the existing channel and channel-free stoves,usually prefer the first (also called bell-type). They are heated evenly and therefore reduce the number of formed cracks. They have a small degree of ventilation by, and because the uncovered valve brings a lot less damage to masonry, compared with other types.</ H2>

How to apply at a laying brick?

Brick Refractory need (fireclay), goodburned and full-bodied, with no chips or cracks. It is used for laying the firebox, and can be used ordinary (clay) bricks for the rest of the furnace.
The most difficult process in the construction - it's hermasonry. The furnace is mounted on a foundation (taking into account the type of soil on which it is poured), measures are maintained, in accordance with the project. Perform work can be yourself, if you have experience in masonry, has a high-quality materials and design. Still need to know that there are standards, compliance with which is mandatory in the masonry oven.
At work the joints between the bricks do5 millimeters in width. The furnace arrange two cleaning, one of them will be at the bottom of the tube. It is necessary to perform a fire butchering a stepped expansion masonry, if the house more than one floor. When your oven is laid out, it should be dry, which could take up to two weeks.</ H2>

Fire starter furnace

If she started to smoke at the first kindling, thethe reason it is possible to damp or irregular masonry. Then you need to call a professional who will diagnose it, and give all the recommendations on elimination of the fault. During the firing, when properly executed laying, cold areas should not be.

Decorate it can be, if you make a lining tiles, or stoned heat-resistant tiles.

Cooking Baking can be plastered and whitewashed, either consult with the designer, which helps you to find a solution in order to decorate it.

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