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How to build a stove at home


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Furnace heating at home has not yet lost its need in some regions. Usually they build furnaces with increased heat output.

They are designed to heat several rooms at once and are used for cooking.

It is useful to know how to build a stove at home.

Of course, for this you need to learn a lot of literature and have some experience.

The construction of the furnace is planned even at the design of the house, so that all rooms are built around it. But it happens that the house already exists, but you wanted to build it in the house.

Which oven is best for your home?

If the house is small, it will workHeating and cooking "Swede", with an existing stove and oven. If the house consists of several floors, it will require central heating, then you will be more suitable for "Dutch". In this case it is established as a family home, the decoration of the house. It is necessary that in the place of the future stove (on the floor and ceiling) there were no beams.
Furnaces for the house are brick and metal. The first is used traditionally, it is solid and reliable. The second (from metal) - is purchased already in finished form. Has a flaw - it burns with time, so you have to buy a new one. The choice is yours.

The main purpose of the oven is to heat the room. It is necessary to know that its type is chosen taking into account the possibility to provide with heat all the living space (room) at any temperature of outside air.

Cost of the furnace

It is determined from the cost of all necessaryMaterials and payment for the work of the stoveman. The complexity of the project increases the price. For the construction of an average oven, up to 1500 bricks are required. Small - you can add yourself.

Furnace standards

Of the existing channel and non-canal furnaces,Usually, give preference to the first (they are also called hooded). They are evenly warmed up, so the number of cracks is reduced. They have a low degree of purging, and therefore an unclosed gate brings much less damage to the masonry, compared to other types.</ H2>

What kind of brick to apply for laying?

The brick will need refractory (chamotte), goodBurned and full, without chips and cracks. It is used to lay the firebox, and for the rest of the furnace you can apply a conventional (clay) brick.
The most difficult process in the erection is itsMasonry. The furnace is installed on the foundation (the type of soil to which it is poured is taken into account), the dimensions are maintained in accordance with the design. You can do the work yourself, if you have the experience of masonry, there are quality materials and a project. Still it is necessary to know that there are standards, observance of which is obligatory when laying the furnace.
During the work, the seams between the bricks are madeWidth of 5 millimeters. In the furnace, two cleanings are arranged, one of them will be at the base of the pipe. It is necessary to carry out the fire-fighting cutting in the form of a stepwise expansion of the masonry, if the house has more than one floor. When your stove is laid out, it must be dried, which can take up to two weeks.</ H2>

Kindling furnace

If she started to smoke at the first fire, thenThe cause is possible in its dampness or irregular masonry. Then you need to call a specialist who will diagnose it, and give all the recommendations for eliminating the problem. During the firebox, with properly made masonry, there should be no cold spots.

You can decorate it if you make a tiling with tiles, or lined with heat-resistant tiles.

A ready oven can be plastered and whitewashed, or consult a designer who will help you find a solution in order to decorate it.

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