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How to build the stadium "Fisht"


How to build the stadium "Fisht"</a>

The Olympic Stadium "Fisht" was built in Sochi for the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The grandiose sports facility became the center of the Olympic Park.

Tribunes unique to Russia's sports arena are designed for 40,000 spectators, in the future the number of seats will be increased by another 5 thousand.

The stadium was decided to name the "Fisht" in honor ofThe eponymous peak, located in the western part of the main Caucasian ridge. Mount Fisht reaches almost 2900 meters in height and is a very popular tourist destination in the European part of Russia. The word "fish" is translated from the Adyghe language as "gray head", "white head", "white frost". The name reflects the appearance of the mountain - its top is covered with glaciers. It was this landscape that became the prototype of the central Olympic stadium: the openwork of the roof, covered with a special polymer, creates the effect of a layer of snow lying on it. Roofing makes the building the tallest object of the Olympic Park, and when looking towards the mountains, the 70-meter stadium becomes a harmonious part of the natural panorama.
"Fisht" was built using the most modernBuilding technologies. A frame resembling a lace consists of a multitude of metal arches, beams and other elements. Priority in construction was the safety of athletes and spectators. Great importance in the erection of the facility had environmental safety and minimization of possible damage to the environment. Careful attention was also given to creating an accessible environment for people with disabilities. When designing, the requirements of the International Paralympic Committee were fully taken into account.
The height of the stadium's bowl is 36 meters. For the convenience and safety of the audience, it is divided into sectors, each with a separate entrance. All levels of the arena connect elevators and stairs. The stadium seats are installed in such a way as to visually increase the space and highlight the scene. To make this effect, the upper rows have a dark color, the bottom of the seat from the moisture-resistant material becomes light. On the roof of the building are mounted railways with special equipment designed for the transportation of heavy goods at altitude. More than 20 lifts have been installed.
Unique technical capabilities of the OlympicObject allow you to put inside even opera performances. The stadium "Fisht" is planned to be used for concerts and entertainment events and various shows. And, of course, the object will not cease to carry its main sporting function: here will be training athletes, matches of the national football team, as well as the FIFA World Cup 2018.

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