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How to build a sofa

How to build a sofa

Self-production of furniture - a task difficult enough, but with the necessary tools, certain skills of working with the material, and a great desire - quite feasible.

The main advantage of a home-made furniture - is its uniqueness and the ability to perfectly fit it into the interior of your apartment or house.

You will need

  • - Metal ugolki-
  • - penka-
  • - MDF sheets
  • - vatman-
  • - Furniture petli-
  • - Thin fanera-
  • - the cloth-
  • - Electric lobzik-
  • - karandash-
  • - Gon.



& Nbsp-Define the shape of the sofa

Make all the necessary measurements. Lay a sheet of paper on the floor and draw on it the contour of the sofa base. Also for determining the contour of the bottom of the couch can use another method. Select a location for a new sofa. Place a sheet of paper at a given place and gently bend the edges so that the sheet rounding all ledges and lines already installed in the furniture room. You now have a new form of the sofa base.


Carefully transfer the pattern on the resulting sheetsMDF using square and pencil. Saw two identical patterns at the office with the help of & nbsp- electric jigsaw. This is - the lower and upper base frame of your new sofa. Attach one of the parts to the installation site. If necessary, bring it to the desired size.


Manufacture of five sheets of MDF support feet forsofa. In this design will draw the upper frame basis. Arrange three support legs letter "P", so that the space formed between them which can be used as a drawer. Install the fourth leg at the level of the future of the sofa back, parallel to the adjacent wall. Lock last, fifth leg, so that the bridge is formed between the fourth leg and the U-shaped box structure. Attach the legs to the base of the sofa with metal parts and screws. & Nbsp-


Make a frame upper base recess,coincides with the size of U-shaped design, legs of the supports. Attach the upper part to the sofa legs, strengthening construction with metal corners. Note that the top of the frame should fit snugly to the wall and the surrounding furniture sofa.


Make the frame wall

Make the necessary measurements. Take a thin plywood and cut out of it a suitable size piece. Soak the resulting workpiece. Attach one end of the details of the parties a U-shaped design of the sofa legs with two screws. Gently bend the piece, giving it the desired shape and fix it on the corner of your couch. Install the second frame wall similar to the first.


Make and install the lid. Make a door of the box, using the furniture hinge. Paint the plywood in any, the desired color. & Nbsp-


Using the paper template, make a patternseat sofa foam from tourism. two types of foam is recommended to use - small and large. Put the items so that the thin foam was on top. & Nbsp-


Cutting the fabric, using the same pattern, and sew the seat cover for the couch. Insert the seat base to the cover. Place the seat on the frame of the sofa. Put some pillows. & Nbsp-
Your bed is ready.

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