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How to build a small bath


How to build a small bath</a>

The construction of a Russian wooden bath can be compared with the erection of a wooden house. For the bath, similar construction laws apply.

At the same time, the construction of a Russian bath can serve as a training before the construction of a capital dwelling.



Some Russian wooden baths haveA combined therma and a sink. You can also find a bath in which these rooms are separated. If you decide to build a small bath, it is best to make it a combined bath. Thus, you can save decent money. You can do it yourself. If you decide not to put a budget limit, you can show creative imagination when building. According to the planned plan, it is easiest to build a bathhouse.


At the moment, Russian wooden baths haveDifferent building concepts. Depends on everything from the materials used and the device for their layout. Before you start planning the building, be sure to determine the purpose of the device of your bath. Its main purpose can be hygienic. In this case it is recommended to build a bath with one compartment. A log cabin for a bath should be simple and compact. If you also want to make a place for rest, then erect another room in which will be a pool, pool, infrared cabin and so on.


Build a Russian bath can their profiledBeams. To build it is best based on wireframe technology. Each way of construction has its minuses and pluses. Using the wireframe technology, you can very quickly build a bathhouse of any architectural form. Russian bath can be harmoniously combined with the architectural style of the house. With frame construction, almost all modern waterproofing and thermal insulation materials can be used. In the Russian bath from the bar necessarily create a special atmosphere thanks to environmentally friendly material. Such a bath can improve the body and spirit.


Notice the skeleton sauna afterDevice will not give a vertical shrinkage. For work it is recommended to use a planed beam. To begin building is best in winter time. Basically, in our country, it is customary to carry out any construction in the summer months - our blame is all to blame.

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