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How to build a showcase

Before the shop owners, companies and all kinds of companies is the eternal problem: where to find buyers.

In this case, can help correct window dressing, which catches the eye, attracts and pulls. Contents showcase correctly can only be a professional who has passed special courses.

However, there are some tricks and tips that will bring you to the perfect showcase.



Immediately it is worth noting that the people mostIt draws an open window. This allows you to see inside the shop design, the range of its products, but the main thing - other people. At such moments, everyone crowds instinct is triggered. Play on this - set clear glass.


Turning to the preparation of the composition, rememberthe psychology of people. Scientists have found that a passer always looks only in the central zone of the bottom of the windows. Use this: place here the highest quality and original products. To attract the attention of a potential buyer to another part of the cabinet, use lighting (scrolling text, flashing lights, etc.).


In drawing up the windows, pay attention toColour. In order to attract as many people as possible to use the cool shades. For example, purple, blue, turquoise, and the list goes on. But from the red and pink stands abandoned. Do not forget the harmony that must be seen between the window dressing and goods shown in it.


It is surprising that with the help of window dressingYou can attract people with different income levels. If you want to you went absolutely all city residents, visitors, etc., use bright flashy colors. But pastel colors and soft lighting will attract only customers with medium to high incomes.


Do not forget to change the window dressing regularly. Regardless of its appeal, the correct use of colors and products, it may get bored. Walking past a shop window every day, the potential buyer will cease to notice it soon. Change the lighting or the elements of the composition, and you will get new customers.


It is worth emphasizing that in any case you can not use cheap materials, leave showcase dirty or untidy. Such deficiencies can ruin even the most original idea.

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