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How to build a sauna with their hands

How to build a sauna with their hands

Many people dream of a home sauna. It is quite possible to do it yourself.

Sauna will be a wooden cabin, which is heated by the stove.

The home sauna can bathe both wet and dry steam.



Most home saunas are made of softwood and hardwood trees. In order to build a mini-saunaYou need to use only materials of highqualities that have been specially treated. Treatment produce to reduce the humidity of wood to a minimum. For home sauna is best dried wood, which has a humidity indicator is not more than 8%. The inner surface otshlifovki necessarily need. To retain their original wood features necessary to impregnate it with special oils.


Any sauna should relax the person when heIt is located in the steam room. This is particularly important. For this purpose, steam should be made from tree species that energootritsatelny or neutral. These rocks are basswood, aspen and abachi.


The maximum useful of all is aspen. It has a pronounced positive properties. It should be noted at the Aspen has such energy transfer, which is able to not give bacteria to grow. If it is good to pick up aspen, it is unlikely to give way abashi quality. Bench made of abachi, at 100 degree temperature is lukewarm.


Before you do finish the sauna, you need todraw a plan. It is required for correct positioning, as well as interior decoration. Once the plan is ready, perform the decoration of walls and ceiling wood. At the end you need to install all of the items and to carry out communication. Sauna is ready. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised.

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