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How to build a sauna with your own hands

How to build a sauna with your own hands</a>

Many people dream of a home sauna. It is quite possible to do it yourself.

The sauna will be a wooden cabin, which is heated by an oven.

In the home sauna you can steam both wet and dry steam.



Most home saunas are made from coniferous and deciduous trees. In order to build a mini-Sauna, Only high-quality materials should be used.Qualities that have undergone special treatment. Processing is carried out in order to reduce the moisture of the tree to a minimum. For the home sauna is best suited dried wood, which has a moisture content of not more than 8%. The internal surface necessarily needs to be polished. To ensure that the wood retains its original properties, it must be impregnated with special oils.


Any sauna should relax a person when heIs in the steam room. This is especially important. For this purpose, the steam room should be made of tree species that are energy-negative or neutral. Such breeds are linden, abachi and aspen.


The most useful among all is aspen. It has pronounced positive properties. It should be noted that aspen has such an energy exchange, which is able to prevent bacteria from developing. If you pick up aspen well, then it is unlikely to give way to abashi in quality. The bench made of Abashi, at 100 degrees temperature, will be slightly warm.


Before you finish the sauna, you needDraw a plan. It will be required for the correct location, as well as interior decoration. After the plan is ready, we finish the walls and the ceiling under the tree. In the end, you need to install all the items and conduct communications. The sauna is ready. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised.

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