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How to build a sauna according to schemes


How to build a sauna according to schemes</a>

If you have a summer residence outside the city or a country plot with a cottage, you will probably want to have your own bathhouse on this site.

You can buy a prefabricated sauna with installation, and you can build a bath and yourself - the way you want.



In order to build a sauna on your own,Determine the construction scheme. The bathhouse can be Russian, Finnish or Turkish. Proceeding from the chosen type of bath, make a project in which you will draw in detail how the bathhouse will look outside and inside, how many rooms there will be and how they will be located.


Determine for yourself, from what material will beThe construction itself. It is possible to erect walls of a bath from a brick or aerocrete blocks, and it is possible - from a tree. The wooden bath looks more aesthetically pleasing and better functional.


Deciding what material the bath will be made of,Calculate the number of materials needed for construction. To do this, use the project of the bathhouse, which you created earlier. Take into account everything: materials for the foundation, for the construction of walls, roof, oven and chimney, as well as for the internal arrangement of the premises and the finishing of the bath.


After you have purchased all the materials,Start the construction work. First lay the foundation. Depending on the size of the bath, it can be either ribbon or columnar. For a large heavy bath, it is better to lay a strip foundation - it better perceives the load. For a small light wooden bath you can use the columnar foundation.


Next, build the walls. If you are not a mason, then you better not build a bath of brick or foam blocks. The ideal solution will be the construction of a wooden beam. Do not forget to lay heat-insulating material between the beams of the timber. It can be moss, tow, or jute.


Use for the outside walls a pine bar - itMore resistant to weathering. But for interior decoration of baths it is better to use non-resinous sorts of wood. The best for interior decoration is a linden.


Before you finish the bath inside, doWork on heat and vapor barrier. For insulation, it is better to use fiberglass boards. They are installed in a frame specially constructed for them from an aluminum profile. Mats should be installed with a foil side inward-this will serve as a vapor barrier.


Select the type of heating of the bath. This can be a conventional stove with a chimney, topped with stones. And you can use an electric heater that heats the stones with the help of electricity. You should take responsibility for choosing a kiln! This is one of the main elements of the bath. Do not forget to treat the tree outside the bath and inside with a special antifungal compound.

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