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How to build a roof with his hands

How to build a roof with his hands

The project to build a roof designed in the initial planning stage, and it has to do a professional architect. Roofs come in different designs.

Home mostly installed roof and hipped roof. They have quite a long life and they look beautiful.

With the construction of any kind of roof the main thing is to install reliable boards that will evenly distribute the load on the wall, properly installed trusses and sheathing.



Starting to build roofSet on the upper part of the walls are thick and dry the boards around the perimeter of the structure.


The installation of the rafters must be madeRoof according to project. The quality of the material from which made the rafters and purlins depends on the longevity of the roof, so installing wooden rafters, cover them with a protective layer that protects against deterioration of wood.


To attach rafters robust jib that will support member.


After installing the trusses and struts make a crate rafters, which will connect them to the general construction and roofing lath.


To consolidate all the designs using special fasteners. You can use the bolts and brackets.


After all the work on the installation of rafters, struts and crates roof covered with roofing material.


Installation of the roof - a very important stage in the building, so if you are not sure that all the work will generate appropriate, invite professionals to assistants.


The final stage, after the installation of the roofis the isolation bearing structures. For insulation, use a layer of vapor barrier materials, and on top of it only attach insulation. Insulation of the roof can improve the microclimate in the house, and extends the life of load-bearing structures in several times without a major overhaul.

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