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How to build a quadrangle

Quadrangles are of various kinds

There are many types of quadrangles.

This is a rectangle and a square, and a rhombus and trapezoid, and a variety of irregular quadrangle.

To build them, you can use the most common drawing tools.

You will need

  • - paper-
  • - karandash-
  • - lineyka-
  • - treugolnik-
  • - Protractor.



To build an arbitrary quadrilateralNo data is not necessary. Draw a straight line. Mark the ends serif. To the ends of the segment slide straight so that they lay on one side of the line already drawn. Make every ray resection on where you like best, and connect the points obtained by a straight line. Quadrilateral ready.


For the construction of other quadrangles needsome additional data. For example, to draw a square, you need to know the size of the part. The angles you know, in a square, each of them is 90 °. Draw a straight line equal to a predetermined length of the side. Of course, as in the previous case, must be perpendiculars on one side of the starting line. Mark the ends of the notches. Each slide perpendicular resection. Put on each side of the perpendicular defined size. These points are connected.


To construct a rectangle, you need datasomewhat more. You need to know the length and width of the rectangle. It is constructed in almost the same as the square. Draw a straight line, put it on the length of the rectangle. Draw perpendiculars and set aside at each width. Endpoints connect and check your work - the line obtained by connecting the ends of the perpendiculars should equal the length of the rectangle.


Diamond can be built if its length is knownand the size of one side of the corners. For this job you will need a protractor. Draw a straight line, put it on the length of the side of the diamond. From one angle markings aside known size. The resulting point is connected to the one to which you applied the zero point of the protractor. On the resulting straight again postpone the long side. Through the ends of the segments to perform both straight parallel lines. Check the work, measuring the sides - they should be the same.


, You need to know the size to draw a trapezoidits bases, the distance between them (i.e., height) and angle. Draw a straight line, put on it the size of the larger base. From each of the marks set aside angular size. Through direct swipe mark, but so far they do not limit. For any point in the lower base draw perpendicular - height. Through this new point in the two sides draw a line parallel to an existing base, to the intersection with the angle sides.

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