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How to build the right house


Now, mankind is increasingly attracted to nature, many acquire private plots and private homes on them.

Advantages of such houses are many.

And the construction of a country house turned out to be not only an uncomplicated but also a pleasant occupation.



Start construction from the very construction of the projectYour private home. You can purchase a ready-made project, but it will not please you with its originality and uniqueness. In general, all the projects sold are similar to each other.


If you want your plot and buildings onIt struck neighbors and guests with its unusualness, then you can invite the architect. The specialist will ask you in detail about what result you want to get in the end and focusing on this information, develop a project of the house and other buildings.


You can make the project yourself. But consider - in this case, still need knowledge and skills of a specialist. If you do not have any, do not risk - ask for help.


So, the project of the house is ready. Usually the house is located 6-7 meters from the edge of the land that adjoins the passer-by or the carriageway. If the house is located closer, then a huge amount of dust and dirt you are provided. To further minimize the amount of dirt, drop a line of bushes or trees from this side. They will serve you as a hedge.


From the edges adjacent to neighboring areas, the house should be located 3-4 meters.


Now it's time to decide on the materials,From which the house will be built. The most popular materials: wood, brick, foam blocks. Wood is environmentally friendly, heat-resistant. The brick is distinguished by its high strength. The foam blocks have excellent sound insulation, fire resistance.


For construction you will probably have to hireA team of workers. Alone, it will be very difficult for you to engage in such a grandiose work. Collaborate with a team of masters who will translate your project into reality. Listen to their advice, help them, and then you will finish all your work to the end.

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