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How to build a pattern


How to build a pattern-based dress</a>

To sew a dress that would fit perfectly on your figure you need to have a good pattern.

Build a pattern-base, with which you can create a wide variety of models you can yourself.

You will need

  • - Whatman-
  • - tape measure-
  • - ruler-
  • - a pencil-
  • - scissors.



To build a good pattern-dress baseYou will need to take off and write down the measurements: the semi-grip of the neck, the half-mantle of the chest, the waist, the waist, the hips, the length of the back to the waist, the width of the shoulders, the height of the armhole from behind, the height of the shoulder oblique and the length of the product. All values ​​are written in centimeters.


Build a backrest pattern.

On the paper on the left side, draw a right angle. Label the vertex of the corner with the point A. From this point, lay down: measure the height of the armhole in the back minus one centimeter (point D), measure the length of the back to the waist minus one centimeter (point T), measure the length of the product (point H). Set the height of the hip line down from the point T (20 centimeters for all sizes). Label point B. Through the points T, T, D and H, draw horizontal lines. From point A lay down 2.5 cm for all sizes (the depth of the neck behind). Mark the point A1, and to the right of A, put one third of the neck grinding measurement plus 5 mm (point A2). Connect points A1 and A2 by a smooth line.

To decorate the shoulder line, set it to the right ofPoint A measure of shoulder width minus 5 mm (point A3). From A3, lower its perpendicular line to the breast line (point T1). From point T, draw an arc whose radius is equal to the measurement - the height of the shoulder is oblique. Point the point at the intersection with the segment A3T1 with the letter P. Join the points A3 and P

To decorate the armhole, lay it to the right of the point FDivided by two values ​​of the measurement of half-grip of the breast minus one centimeter (point G2). In order to draw the armhole line, find a few more points. Postpone 0.15 of the segment Г1П upwards from Г1 (point П1). Then 0.4 of the segment Γ1Π (point Π2). From P2, set to the left 1.2 cm (point P3). Connect P1, P2 and P3 with a smooth line.

To design a lateral line, set the backrest asidePoint T to the right divided by two values ​​of the measure of waist-waist plus one centimeter (point T1). Then, to the right of point B, draw a two-by-half measure of half-hip measurement minus one centimeter (point B1). Draw the perpendicular from point B1 down. Point the intersection with the bottom line H1. Now make a side line. Connect points Г2 and Т1 by a straight line, points Т1 and Б1 - smooth, and points Б1 and Н1 - a straight line.


Build a pattern for the transfer.
On the same sheet, swipe from the right sideVertical line. Mark the intersection points with the horizontal lines. The top point is B, the intersection with the chest line is the point T3, the waist line is T2, the hip-B2 line and the bottom line-H2.

Set aside to the left of point B the width of the measurementHalf-grip the neck, adding to it 5 mm (point B1). Set the point B down 7 cm (the depth of the neck in front for all sizes), point B2. Connect the points B1 and B2 with a smooth line, making out the transfer neck.

For the shoulder line, set the value equal to the segment AA3 (point P4) to the left of the point B. From this point, drop down the perpendicular segment, equal to the segment A3P (point P5). Connect points B1 and P5.

For the armhole, put the dividedOn two values ​​of the measurement of the half-engagement of the breast minus one centimeter (the dot denote Г5). Further, postpone from the point Γ4 0.07 of the segment Γ455 (point 66). Postpone from the point F4 once again 0.35 of the segment F4n5 (point P7). Set it to the right of this point 2 cm and decorate the armhole line, connecting the points Г5, П6, П7 and П5 with a smooth line.

Build the side line of the shelf in the same way as for the backrest.


Pattern is the base of the dress is ready. On it you can sew a variety of dresses from thin or dense jersey, knitted cloths or stretch fabrics.

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