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How to build a number to a power

It is convenient to use the calculator

The construction of the power is one of the simplest algebraic operations.

In everyday life, the construction is rarely used, but in the production when performing the calculations? almost everywhere, so it is useful to remember how to do it.



Suppose we have a certain number a, the degree of which is the number n. Raise the number of the power means that you must multiply the number and on samoё itself n times.


Consider a few examples.

To build the number 2 in the second degree, you need to perform an action:

2x2 = 4


To build the number 3 in the fifth degree, it is necessary to perform an action:

3h3h3h3h3 = 243


There is a recognized symbol of the second and third-degree numbers. The phrase? The second degree? usually replaced by the word? square ?, but instead the phrase? the third degree? usually say? cu ?.


As seen from the above examples,the duration and the complexity of the calculation depends on the value of the exponent. Elevation to the square or cube? a pretty simple task is the construction of the fifth or greater degree already requires more time and accuracy in calculations. You can take advantage of special mathematical tables or scientific calculator to speed up the process and exception errors.

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