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How to raise a number to the power of


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The raising of a number to a power is one of the simplest algebraic actions.

In everyday life, erection is rarely used, but in production when performing calculations? Almost everywhere, so it's useful to remember how it's done.



Suppose that we have some number a, whose degree is the number n. To raise a number to a power means that it is necessary to multiply the number a by itself n times.


Let's consider some examples.

In order to raise the number 2 to the second power, it is necessary to perform the action:

2x2 = 4


To raise the number 3 to the fifth power, you must perform the action:

3x3x3x3x3 = 243


There is a generally accepted designation for the second and third power of numbers. The second degree? Is usually replaced by the word "square", and instead of the phrase "third degree"? Usually say? Cube ?.


As can be seen from the examples above,The duration and laboriousness of the calculations depends on the value of the exponent of the number. Erection into a square or a cube? Rather simple task, the erection of a number of a fifth or greater degree already requires more time and accuracy in the calculations. To speed up this process and eliminate errors, you can use special mathematical tables or an engineering calculator.

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