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How to build a hood


How to build a hood</a>

To erect a mud hut for centuries, natural building materials were used: straw, clay, wood, reeds.

Currently, the mud hut is a decorative structure, combining the comfort of housing and resistance to cold and moisture.



Prepare tree trunks with a diameter of about 15Cm, too thick logs do not necessarily. Fastening and a bunch is better to carry out not by means of nails, and a cord or a wire. Mark a place for erecting a mud hut, clean it. Now make the markings for the bars. If you are planning to build a small house, then it will be enough to install four bars. If the house is bigger, then add one more bar to strengthen each wall. Dug the pillars into the ground.


Now you can start tying the transverse andLongitudinal bars. On the ceiling and on the floor, pass logs under the logs for a distance not less than 0.5 m from each other. To strengthen the walls of the log as closely as possible, sew to each other. Stretch excess with an ax, so that there will not be large cracks between the logs.


When you assemble the entire frame of the house, proceed to theWarming the walls. Use a rope or a wire to tie rods to the walls. Put them cross on the cross. Make from the rods several layers with a thickness of 0.2 - 0.3 m. They will serve as a so-called armature, so that the clay does not lag behind the walls, since its layer will be quite thick.


A solution of sand and clay or soil,Located under the upper layer of the earth, sprinkle the walls and ceiling to insulate the house. The thickness of the layer should be about 20 cm. Before you begin to fill the ceiling with a primer, lay the film or replace it with straw, dry grass.


Now collect the door and the window. They can be made with the help of an ax. Adjust them more tightly so that heat does not come out. Sew a cloth or dilapidated clothes door. Insert double glass into the window. The primer for the mortar applied to the walls can be dug right inside the house and make a hatch for flooring. Then in the subfield it will be possible to store its reserves. Walls of mud huts must be greased every year, as the coating will crack.

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