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How to build a model structure

How to build a model structure

In any system components are allocated, the interaction of which should lead to the goal. In turn, each part can be broken down into smaller components.

Indivisible components called elements, they play a major role in the process of getting a result.

The model helps to determine the composition of these components, which subsequently facilitates a serious problem of project development at the company.

Consider the process of constructing a microwave oven as an example.



Build a model of the "black box" and define"Inputs" and "outputs" of the system. Resources and the final results will determine which components should be used. Break the model of the "black box" on several schemes that reflect a variety of tasks. For example, "microwave oven, as a technical system" and "microwave oven as the cooking agent". In the first case, the goal is the correct operation of the device, in the second - a ready meal.

Model & quot-black box & quot-


After that build the original modelcomposition. Describe the main subsystems that will be included in each of the options. For example, to microwave work, you need a camera mechanism for warming and cooling mechanism. Divide each subsystem on the individual elements to ensure its functioning. In our case it is the door locks, interior lamp, control panel and display and so on. This procedure must be repeated for each system.

The original model structure


Determine the main purpose. Select the system whose operation is most strongly influenced by the achievements of the process. Shall describe the composition of the model using a deeper level of detail. Perform complex analysis and to identify all the components required to successfully produce a result. Arrange everything in a table and form a report. This model allows you to purchase almost ready solution of any problem.

A deeper level of detail

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