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How to build a composition model


How to build a composition model</a>

In any system, the components are identified, the interaction of which should lead to the achievement of the goal. In turn, each part can be broken down into small parts.

Indivisible components are called elements, they play the main role in the process of obtaining the result.

The composition model helps to identify these components, which subsequently makes it much easier to develop the project in the enterprise.

Consider the process of its construction using the example of a microwave oven.



Build a black box model and define"Inputs" and "outputs" of the system. Resources and end results will determine which components should be used. Break the model of the "black box" into several schemes that reflect different tasks. For example, "microwave oven, as a technical system" and "microwave oven, as a means of cooking." In the first case, the goal is the correct operation of the device, in the second - the ready meal.

The & quot; black box & quot;


After that, build the original modelComposition. Specify the main subsystems that will be included in each of the options. For example, for a microwave oven to work, you need a camera, a warming mechanism, and a cooling mechanism. Break each subsystem into separate elements that ensure its functioning. In our case, these are the door locks, the internal light bulb, the control panel and the display and so on. This procedure must be repeated for each system.

Initial composition model


Define the main goal. Select the system whose work has the most impact on the achievement process. Describe the composition model using a deeper level of detail. Carry out a comprehensive analysis and identify all the components necessary for successful results. Put everything in a table and create a report. This model allows you to purchase an almost ready solution for any task.

Deeper level of detail

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