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How to build a ladder in the house

The staircase in the house can be done with their own hands. At the same time attention should be paid not only on appearance but also on functionality.

Hand made staircase should be comfortable with the descent and ascent.



First you need to do the calculation of the slope levelstairs. In private homes, this angle should not be greater than 45 degrees. At the corner of the stairs must be the same everywhere. If we make the steeper the design, the space is saved, however, such a ladder would hardly convenient to use. It is considered the most ideal angle of 26 to 35 degrees. We should not forget about the height of steps: it should not vary. Optimal height - 15-18 centimeters. In the design should take into account such an important factor, as the width of the stairs. It should be more than 70 centimeters. If you have sufficient space, it is best to do the stairs even wider.


By manufacturing the stairs with his hands needapproached responsibly. After a precisely defined type and size of the stairs, you need to do the miscalculation of the size of the opening in the intermediate floors. This figure depends on the type of ladder structure.


In order to secure a ladder, it is necessaryuse special fixtures that are made of durable metal. If the design is not established near the bearing wall, it is necessary to mount and bottom and top. In order to fully ensure the security, you need to install the railing. The distance between the spokes should be less than 15 centimeters. The height of the railing is calculated individually, but it must not be less than 85 centimeters.


To create a ladder with their hands enoughcomplicated. In this case it is best to use modern technology to create masterpieces. Separate production of the stairs is a very responsible occupation, so it is necessary to measure and accurately calculate the sizes carefully.

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