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How to build a staircase in the house

How to build a staircase in the house</a>

You can make a staircase in the house with your own hands. At the same time, attention should be paid not only to the appearance, but also to the functional purpose.

A staircase made by hand must be comfortable for descending and ascending.



First, you need to calculate the level of inclinationStairs. In private homes, this angle should not be more than 45 degrees. At the stairs, this angle should be the same everywhere. If you make a steeper design, the space will be saved, but such a ladder is unlikely to be convenient to use. The ideal angle is from 26 to 35 degrees. We should not forget about the height of the steps: it should not differ. The optimum height is 15-18 centimeters. When designing, you need to take into account an important factor, such as the width of the ladder. It should be more than 70 centimeters. If you have a sufficient area, it is better to make the staircase even wider.


To make a ladder with your own hands you needTo approach responsibly. After the type and dimensions of the ladder have been determined exactly, it is necessary to do a calculation of the size in the opening of the interfloor floors. This indicator directly depends on the type of the ladder structure.


In order to fix the ladder, you needUse special fasteners that are made of durable metal. If the structure is not installed next to the supporting wall, then it is necessary to mount both from below and from above. To fully ensure safety, you need to install a railing. Between the spokes the distance should be less than 15 centimeters. The height of the handrail is calculated individually, but it must be at least 85 centimeters.


Create a ladder with your own enoughcomplicated. In this case, it is best to use modern technologies that make it possible to create masterpieces. The independent manufacture of the ladder is a very important task, therefore it is necessary to carefully take measurements and accurately calculate the dimensions.

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