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How to build a house with his own hands

How to build a house with his own hands

Probably everyone at least once dreamed in my life about the house, which is built with his own hands.

Currently, to build their own house can almost anyone.

Building materials myriad market.

Very popular log houses.

They have a lot of positive qualities and are considered the most suitable for living.



Before we deal with the erection of a woodenhome, you need to carefully prepare peeled round logs. They should be dried and impregnated with an antiseptic. Currently, the store has a large variety of surface treatments. Once you have selected the correct impregnation, it is necessary to think about its correct application to the surface, which necessarily should be well dried before impregnation. It is a dry surface will soak up most antiseptic. The composition of the spray is applied. Also can be used for brush or roller application. Spray large areas can be treated. With a brush or roller impregnation is used more sparingly.


Well you need to infiltrate the places that are mostall are exposed to moisture and sunlight. To impregnating was effective, you need to apply two or three layers of antiseptic. From the amount of impregnation depends and appearance. Surface with good impregnation becomes glossy.


Not recommended treatmentsurface on a hot and windy weather. This will result in that the solvent which is a part of the impregnation will simply vaporize and efficiency will be reduced. Do not forget about safety precautions when working with antiseptic. You have to be dressed in tight clothes, have rubber gloves, respirator and goggles.


After construction material is prepared,you can start laying the logs. The horizontal rows of logs, which are stacked on each other, called crowns. Be sure to pay more attention to the lower crown and the accountant. The thickness of the accountant crown must be two or three centimeters more than the thickness of the others. Putting it should be at a height equal to forty centimeters. He must be well impregnated, and also have waterproofing. Usually, it is placed in the board and fifty centimeters wide. This board should be well soaked. It must be covered with mastic asphalt on three sides. Roofing felt or roofing material can also serve as waterproofing the accountant's crown. To protect the bottom of the log from the moisture in the second crown to do the groove and insert the strip steel roofing. This band should protrude five centimeters under the cap.


Stack the logs you should use slots. Interior wall slots in the logs should have a width of about nine centimeters. Stack the logs need to Komlo in different directions. To compound was more dense, it is necessary to hit a wooden mallet to the deposition.

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