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How to build a house to shield

How to build a house to shield

If you have decided on their own to buildCountry house and shield are not afraid of the upcoming challenges, should pay attention to the main part of the house - the frame, to which in the future will fit the wall plates.

And, of course, the roof, which will faithfully protect you and your loved ones from any inclement weather.



Imagine how your home should look andperform a complete designing the house. Determine where there will be each of the rooms, find footage that you have, and which is required of each of the rooms. Try to reduce the number of corridors, they are quite functional, but take a lot of your personal space. Also plan the load-bearing walls and walls of high-strength, as usual shield wall has a relatively low strength, and hang bulky and heavy plasma screen is clearly a decent size is unlikely to succeed. At least, no one will give you a guarantee on its subsequent preservation. For these things need to design separate areas.


Purchase the necessary materials, come inShop with your measurements, in advance considering the total yardage and the approximate amount of material. If the second you do is not possible, consult your dealer and purchase the necessary materials for the roof and the body. Do not forget to take with a small surplus, in case of unforeseen expenses.


Decide where you will start. You can either start from the side, the main walls, or go to the center and gradually build up the wall one by one. This time is not crucial, so choose the more convenient for you.


During the construction of the roof, decide to its placeassembly, if you do it alone, you will need help in the future for its installation on the house. If the roof is mounted directly on the place, you'll need to be more careful and considerate.

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