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How to build a house roof


How to build a house roof</a>

When building a roof, the main thing is that it should be in the right shape.

Roofing material is also of paramount importance, since it depends on it the life of your roof.

To build a roof you need to approach with knowledge, so that later you do not repair flaws and defects.



Make racks and struts, making of themGrate to protect rafters from sagging. Insert the rafters into the grille. Install the rafters at a width of 30-40 centimeters from the edge of the roof. Connect the bolt with the truss legs. The connection is secured with a bolt and nagel, and the upper bracket. Connect the parts to each other with a tooth, metal cover and bolts.


Base under the roof perform in the form of a crateOr solid flooring, depending on the coating material. The narrow boards of the protective layer are placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the working layer. Between the decks lay an anti-wind pad of roofing material. Watch the distance between the boards.


Make a valley in the form of a tray with a width of 30Centimeters, top cover with galvanized roofing or black painted steel, so that its ends go under the main material of the roof. Around the chimney make a collar of roofing steel. From the side of the ridge, bring the steel sheet under the roof, and from the side of the cornice to the outside. Gutters should be placed 15 centimeters from the wall.


Make thermal insulation and moisture insulation of yourRoofs. After everything is ready, start covering the roof with the selected material. Of course, the best roofing material is tile, which has strength and durability. Put the tile joint in the joint, so that moisture does not seep between the tiles.

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