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How to build a house from blocks


How to build a house from blocks</a>

The house can be built from various types of blocks: foam blocks, gas blocks, cinder blocks, hollow blocks of porous concrete, expanded blocks.

All units have a common advantage: cheapness and speed when building walls.

You will need

  • To build a house: blocks for construction, a grid for a bundle of blocks, wire for a bundle of roof, cement, sand.
  • For the foundation: tes, armature, gravel, cement, sand.



As with any construction, start with the fillFoundation. The foundation must be strong, so that the building of the blocks does not have any distortions and cracks. Make marking, put the formwork. In it, pour a sand and gravel pillow. Install a bunch of reinforcement. Fill with a solution. Proportions: 1 part of cement, 3 parts of sand, 4-5 parts of rubble. You can pour the finished solution from the purchased mixer.


In a month, after pouring the foundation, doSocle lined with red brick. The stacking height must be at least 4-5 rows. Since any blocks can not stand dampness. The cap should be wider than the blocks. Mortar for mortar has the ratio: 1 part of cement (grade 400), 5 parts of sand. Knead thoroughly. Dilute in small portions, it dries quickly.


After the socle, start laying the walls. Blocks lay out exactly. Angles and walls, check with laser level. Mortar solution is described above. Every 2-3 rows, stretch a special, iron mesh, along the entire length of the masonry. For windows and doors, leave openings. Pass the concrete beam above the openings. Continue laying on it. Before the last two rows, pass a thick wire for the roof bracing. Lay out the desired height, proceed to erect the roof.

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