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How to build a house out of blocks

How to build a house out of blocks

The house can be constructed from various types of blocks: foam blocks, aerocrete, cinder blocks, hollow blocks of aerated concrete, concrete block.

All units have a common advantage: low cost and speed in the construction of walls.

You will need

  • To build a house: blocks for building, net for blocks cords, wire roof ligament, cement and sand.
  • For the foundation: planks, fittings, gravel, cement, sand.



As with any building, start with fillingfoundation. The foundation must be strong, to the building of the units did not have the distortions and cracks. Make the layout, set the formwork. It sprinkle sand-gravel cushion. Install a bunch of accessories. Pour the solution. The proportions: 1 part cement, three parts sand, 4-5 pieces of rubble. You can pour the prepared solution purchased from the mixer.


A month later, after pouring the foundation, makeplinth laying open of red brick. The height of packing shall not be less than 4-5 rows. As any blocks not tolerate dampness. Cap blocks must be wider. The solution for masonry has a ratio of 1 part cement (type 400), 5 parts of sand. Knead thoroughly. Divorce is not large portions, it dries quickly.


After the cap, start the masonry. Blocks lay flat. The corners and walls, check the laser level. The solution for masonry described above. Every 2-3 rows, stretch special, iron grid along the length of the masonry. For window and door openings leave. Above openings miss the concrete beam. According to her, continue laying. Before the last two rows, skip the thick wire for tying roof. Having laid out the desired height, proceed to the construction of the roof.

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