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How to build a house made of aerated concrete


How to build a house made of aerated concrete</a>

Aerated concrete refers to cellular concrete and is an artificial stone.

It is produced with autoclave drying.

In addition to cement, sand and water, lime and aluminum powder are added to the mortar to produce pores with a certain manufacturing technology.

The construction of aerated concrete is economically viable and produced in a short time.



Features of construction from Aerated concrete Consist in the fact that this material can be used toErect buildings no more than 2-3 floors and make a reliable high foundation and ground floor. After the construction is completed, the aerated concrete should be isolated from the dampness, because due to the addition of lime, the action of moisture can lead to the destruction of the material.


To build the bearing walls of the building, choose brands Aerated concrete, Specially designed for bearing walls - it is D 1000 and B 1200. All other grades of density correspond more to the production of insulation work. But the higher the density Aerated concrete, The lower the thermal insulation characteristics. Therefore, immediately after the completion of construction work, the house should not only be isolated from moisture, but also insulated.


For the construction of walls from Aerated concrete Only two types of foundation are suitable:Reinforced ribbon or solid tile. If you save on the foundation, the aerated concrete walls will burst up to the faults, because this material is fragile and therefore it is by no means possible to save on the foundation.


If you decide to build a strip foundation, then be sure to consider the condition of the soil. The pit should be digged below the freezing level, but above the water table. When constructing from Aerated concrete This is especially important to take into account. Inside the formwork, install a powerful reinforcement cage. Cement for concrete use only high grade.


For fastening Aerated concrete Use reinforced screwed dowels. The usual dowels for fastening, which are used when building walls of brick, will not work.


After the completion of the walls, you must immediately make a roof. Leaving this stage for the next year is impossible. As already mentioned above, aerated concrete should be immediately protected from moisture.


Tighten all external walls with vapor barrier material and heat insulating top.


Inside the wall, it is also necessary to protect against moisture exposure with a vapor barrier material.


All the rest is made as with conventional construction.

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