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How to build a house of aerated concrete

How to build a house of aerated concrete

Aerated treat cellular concrete is an artificial stone.

It is manufactured with autoclave drying.

In addition the solution for the manufacture of cement, sand and lime and water is added to the aluminum powder, by which the pores are formed with a certain technology.

Construction of aerated concrete is a cost-effective and carried out in a short time.



Features of the construction of aerated It lies in the fact that the material can beconstruct buildings no more than 2-3 floors high and make reliable foundation and basement. After the completion of aerated concrete should be isolated from moisture, since due to the addition of lime exposure to moisture can lead to the destruction of the material.


For the construction of load-bearing walls of the building, choose the brand aeratedSpecifically designed for load-bearing walls - a D in 1000 and 1200. All other brands in density correspond to more production of thermal insulation works. But the higher density aeratedThe lower the insulating characteristics. Therefore, immediately after the completion of construction the house is necessary not only isolated from moisture, but also to insulate.


For the construction of walls aerated Only two types suitable foundation - isreinforced tape, or one-piece tile. If you save on the foundation, the aerated concrete wall burst up to the fault, because the material is brittle and therefore save on the foundation in any case impossible.


If you decide to build a strip foundation, be sure to observe the condition of the soil. Pit to dig below the frost level, but above the groundwater level. During the construction of the aerated it is especially important to take into account. Inside the casing, set a powerful reinforcement cage. Cement for concrete, use only high-grade.


For fixing aerated Use screw-reinforced dowels. Conventional dowels for fastening, which are used in the construction of the walls of brick, will not work.


After the erection of walls should immediately do the roof. Leave the stage for next year is impossible. As already stated above, aerated concrete should immediately be protected from moisture.


Obtyanite all exterior walls steam insulating material and on top of insulation.


Inside the walls is also necessary to protect against moisture steam insulating material.


Everything else is done as in conventional construction.

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