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How to build a house in Maynkraft

How to build a house in Maynkraft

House - this is something without which the world Minecraft you just can not survive. It will protect you from monsters will put a bed, workbench, and other valuables without worrying for their safety.

Let's look at how to build a house in Maynkraft the simplest example.



Find the area of ​​construction. It should be a flat area without any projections. You can remove unwanted earth and stone on their own. It is desirable that the water was close and the mountains. Be sure to remove all the grass.

Find the area of ​​construction.


Mark the corners of the future house. The example shows the usual rectangular structure, so the blocks are placed perpendicular to each other. Please note that two adjacent unit must be on the same line, otherwise the house will turn out uneven.

Mark the corners of the future house.


Begin to build the wall. Place the blocks one after the other from corner to corner. When will be ready the first layer, jump up and continue the placement. The minimum height of the house - 2 block. It is necessary to install the door. It is recommended to put three blocks, as it is much more convenient.

Begin to build the wall.


Build the roof. It may be flat or curved. To build a sloping roof, place the blocks diagonally to each other. Do not forget that the extra blocks can be removed, so you can put the auxiliary.

Build the roof.


Set doors and windows. To create the door, place the timber on a workbench 6 units as follows: three rows and two columns. The windows are made from glass. It can be obtained by remelting sand. Destroy the block of wood from the walls of the house and set it glass block. For the door situation is similar.

Set doors and windows.

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